Getting Rid Of Bed Bug Bites Naturally

Bedbugs are a growing concern in many places including the United States. These little bugs satisfy on human blood and can leave bites. While the victim may not feel the actual bite that can take between one and three minutes, the after effect can leave a reddened identify that can become infected if the skin is scratched and the surface is broken. There are some ways of getting rid of bed bug bites naturally.

Use Ice

Nearly any kind of bite can expand and become red. One of the most effective natural treatments is to ice the bite. Keeping the ice cube in a plastic bag can help to prevent cold water from the melting ice from getting onto clothing.

Do not scratch

While the bites may itch, it is important that you avoid scratching. Scratching can break the skin. In addition, bacteria live under the fingernails that can cause infection. If necessary trim the fingernails very short. In addition, take an antihistamine such as Benadryl orally. Some topical anti-itch medications such as Aveno or Calamine lotion may also help but can increase scaring if the bite is scratched open already. Ice can also

In Case of Infection

Infected bites should be cleansed with a mild soap and water solution. Next apply a wet and hot wash cloth and leave in contact with the bite for about ten minutes. Apply dilute hydrogen peroxide and rinse. Next, apply betadine solution. Rinse the solution off after a associate of minutes. Finally apply an antibiotic cream. In case of severely infected bites it may be necessary to call your doctor for an appointment.

Get rid of the Bugs

The most effective way to deal with bites is to prevent them. If your home has become infected with bed bugs, you will need to take some serious steps to kill bedbugs naturally. Start with washing all clothing, sheets, blankets and comforters in hot water and drying them in the dryer. Vacuum the carpets and mattresses. Use the crevasse tool to clean bed rails and creases in the mattress. If possible, it may be best to discard the mattress and replace it. If not, seal the mattress in a protective liner so that the bugs cannot get out. After a few weeks with no human blood they die.

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