Happy throuple hits back at trolls who say they’re ‘freaks’ who’ll ‘go…

The trio with Sanny and Diego’s son, Miguel, at their three-way wedding ceremony (Picture: @amordetrisal/mediadrumworld.com)

Some might say that the world is more accepting of different relationships nowadays, with polyamory and ethical non-monogamy no longer considered taboo in many spheres.

That sadly hasn’t been the case for one Brazilian throuple, however, who have had to deal with trolling and family rejection since they made their relationship public.

Digital influencer Diego Rodrigues de Souza, 31, and Sanny Karen Rodrigues de Souza, 28, met on popular Brazilian dating app Orkut in 2006.

After dating for three years, the associate married in 2009, bringing their son Miguel, 5, into the world seven years later.

It wasn’t until they’d been married for a decade that the pair, from Brasilia, considered inviting a third person into the mix.

Sanny had long known she was bisexual, and was honest about it with Diego from the start. He was accepting – although some of her family and friends were less so – and they jointly decided their new partner should be a woman.

Starting a Tinder account, they went on to meet Karina Kerlle Pereira Matos, 25, officially becoming a throuple in 2019.

From the start, Karina was comfortably included in the relationship, and Miguel took to her closest, with Sanny saying it’s often ‘the adults who complicate things’.

Sanny, Karina, and Diego, who have now been a throuple for over two years (Picture: @amordetrisal/mediadrumworld.com)

Sanny said: ‘Miguel reacted very well to the situation. He asked me if “Aunt Karina was my girlfriend and daddy’s girlfriend: and all I had to say was yes – he responded with “Ok”, and that was that.’

But there were some teething problems.

In the beginning, when the set-up was new to the three of them, they experienced some jealousy. The pandemic also additional a level of pressure to things, with the triad forced into lockdown not long after getting together.

They say this is normal, and that they learnt to deal with it by conversation and therapy. One thing that has been harder to for them to comprehend is the reaction of those around them.

Diego’s relatives were quick to understand the new relationship, unlike both Karina and Sanny’s families who refuse to sustain it.

‘We are a triad in a closed relationship, we have the same limits and love as a regular traditional relationship,’ said Sanny.

They famous their marriage in style, despite some disapproving family members snubbing the wedding (Picture: @amordetrisal/mediadrumworld.com)

‘Unfortunately Diego’s family was the only one to accept our relationship. Mine and Karina’s are nevertheless getting used to it.

‘Most of our friends and family have drifted away and today we are out of touch.

‘When we’re all together people usually react with confusion and don’t understand what’s going on between us.’

Despite the fact the three are all Christians, they receive hateful comments and religious attacks because of their non-traditional lifestyle, with trolls on Tiktok telling them they’ll ‘go to hell’ and calling them ‘freaks.’

However, the throuple say they are not fazed by their haters – and instead feel incredibly grateful for the love they have found.

They already held a second wedding ceremony in July so they could include Karina. They invited those close to them, but only a few relatives were there to observe the event, with many family members who didn’t agree with the union avoiding the event.

This didn’t spoil their fun, with Sanny saying: ‘Our wedding was one of the best days of our lives – it took us four months to plan and it really was a dream come true.

‘Our families were invited and only a few people showed up but we respect that this is their decision’

By sharing their story, Sanny, Diego, and Karina hope to sustain other poly people on their journey to finding love and acceptance.

‘Our plans for the future are helping other people who are polyamorous and don’t know how to live their lives or tell their partners or spouses,’ continued Sanny.

‘We also want to increase our family and have more children.

‘This isn’t a fetish, there is love and respect there too.’

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