HDMI and DVI Cable Compatibility

HDMI and DVI Cable Compatibility

Most people who read this article have a box, bag, or drawer complete of unused cables of some sort or another. Whether it be for your phone, DVD player, or iPod, we all have cables somewhere that we don’t use anymore. We all know how fast technology changes and the cables that allow us to interact with them are no different. Many newer cables come with adapters to older elements.

If you decided to buy a HDMI television but nevertheless owned other electronics that only worked with DVI devices you would have to get an adapter to make them compatible. In case you’re not sure what HDMI stands for it is high definition multimedia interface. This interface gives you much crisper audio and clearer video. Older devices such as DVD players, VHS players, and video game players are going to need a DVI to HDMI cable.

These cables are produced by a number of different companies. You can find generic and name brand cables at any local electronics stores. These cables are where the retailer makes a lot of money. They pay $2.00 for a cable they sell to you for $39 -$99. Whether generic or brand name they are all made of the same elements. Most have copper wires that provides a triple inner of shielding for interference. GoldX offers 24k gold connectors that resist corrosion 10 XS better than the average pair.

There is one company that offers an easy solution to your cable problems. They’re called Alton and they offer a bidirectional cable that roles whether it is connected from a DVI source to an HDMI characterize or connected to an HDMI source to a DVI characterize. Their connectors come standard with 24K gold connectors.

If you plan on buying some new electronics make sure you know what you need before you go out and use your money on something that’s not compatible with what you have at home. You’re only going to end up frustrated and a little lighter in the wallet.

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