Henry Cavill’s Name Erased From The Witcher 3

Geralt of Rivia in ‘The Witcher’ has the possible to become an iconic character. Henry Cavill earned great reviews for his portrayal of the monster-hunter Witcher, but the reports of the star leaving the series shocked the fans! How true were the rumours?

It can be said that the source material of Netflix’s hit show ‘The Witcher’ is so good that the show can stand on its own. However, it doesn’t hurt that the show stars someone like Henry Cavill to play the titular role. He is the biggest actor on the show and having him around certainly helped Netflix gain a lot from ‘The Witcher’. Season 1 of the fantasy drama was met with wide basic and commercial acclaim, mostly directed towards the magnificent writing and Henry Cavill’s performance. Hence, Henry leaving the show will be a major blow for Netflix and the series creators. So, what exactly is going on in that area? Let’s find out.


  • Henry Cavill leaves ‘The Witcher’
  • Henry Cavill replace ‘The Witcher’

2020 was a bad year, for the complete planet in general. With the arrival of a global pandemic bringing the world to a standstill, ‘The Witcher’ fans had worse to deal with. In late 2020, the news broke out that Henry Cavill was leaving the show. The reason for his sudden exit from the series was not stated, but his busy film schedules were deemed as among the causes for this rash decision. Perhaps the challenging conditions while shooting the series was the reason?

Henry Cavill Fired From ‘The Witcher’ already before the release of season 2?


‘The Witcher’ was well into production for its second season when the lockdown was imposed in several parts of the world. The shooting halted in the second quarter of the year and it kept getting delayed for months. If it was a low budget film, it would have been an thoroughly different situation. But a production as big as ‘The Witcher’ suffered terribly due to the current delays. On top of that, one of the leading stars of the second season, Kristofer Hivju came positive for Coronavirus. The shooting suffered badly and couldn’t be resumed until mid-August. It seemed like things were going better this time around, when a second wave swept across England, where they were shooting for the series. Once again, after months, the crew resumed shooting, but then Henry got himself injured. Suddenly, it all began to look very bleak.


Amidst all this troubled time, came the news that Henry Cavill has finally decided to leave the show and his substitute has already been announced. It was widely reported that actor Matt Bomer, the Golden Globe Award-winning actor, would fill Henry’s shoes to play Geralt of Rivia. It was a major blow to the actor’s fans worldwide and the fans of ‘The Witcher’ who had become accustomed to Henry’s amazing portrayal of their favourite Witcher by now. The rumours travelled well into 2021 as neither Henry nor Netflix came ahead to clear the air.

All the speculations and rumours about Henry leaving the show turned out to be false when Netflix officially announced that ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 will release in December 2021. The fantastic trailer for season 2 dropped in July 2021, to rave reviews.  Netflix was also quick to announce that the series will return for a third season in addition, and yes, starring Henry Cavill as the sword-wielding monster-hunter. Hence, it all turned out to be blatant rumours. 

Henry Cavill seems quite happy with the show’s run for a second season and Geralt of Rivia has all the possible to become an iconic character in the future. So, only a fool would let such an opportunity slip from their hands, and Henry ain’t no fool!

The fans released a sigh of release upon hearing these announcements. As they wait desperately for the episodes to drop, somewhere in LA, a competent nerd must already be composing the screenplay drafts of ‘The Witcher’ Season 3. Exciting times!

Tell us in the comments what are your thoughts on ‘The Witcher’ Season 1. Also, tell us your take on Henry’s portrayal of Geralt?

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