Hosting Reseller Blog Sites – 3 Sneaky Ways To Make A Fortune Building…

Hosting Reseller Blog Sites – 3 Sneaky Ways To Make A Fortune Building…

Sell The Shovels And You Will Make A Fortune

Tell me if this is what you have probably heard in some way or another. You see, running blog sites are pretty lucrative but being able to run hosting reseller blog sites are probably an already more lucrative business.

Why so? See, there are many people who wants to make a bunch of cash online. They then turn to running free sites like blogs and start to generate some income. Who runs these blog setups and technical sustain? You! Here is how you can earn some neat cash.

  • Build A Niche Blog Site And Resell It. If you have the method to not only sustain the technical aspects of your business sites then invest some additional ones in building a blog in a specific nice like “gold swings” to generate some nice income. You then resell it to others at a monthly or one time fee.
  • Create A Blog Tool Then Market It. So you know that hosting reseller blog sites have one thing in shared. They all need some marketing tools to enhance their popularity or in any case right? You just need to find a programmer, create some cool widgets (wordpress is famous for these plugins) then market it or give it out for more traffic to your business site.
  • Buy A Dying Blog And Monetize It. Now, I have to let in that this is easier said than done but you have to know that some owners just give up their blog because they are too busy with other things or they don’t want to run it anymore. Its like a garage sale but if the niche is lucrative you can bargain for it and enhance its traffic to make some cool cash.
  • All the above are just a few drops of water in the bucket in terms of making money off by hosting reseller blog or blogs. You need negotiation skills and online business foundations though. So, investing in a guide on how to do basic marketing will be good for your self development.

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