How Can Magic Jack Help Freelancers?

Humans are fast learners, but most of the times we tend to learn things the hard way. Before the Economic Recession hit the global economy, half of the world would wake up from sleep, perform [or not] at office and get back home to wash down all woos with a bottle of beer. This not only made us happy, but also prevented from exploring greener pastures. Post Recession, the scenario changed completely. People realized that it’s not jobs, but the economy that feeds them. Jobs are insignificant instruments that increasing rapidly the economy into small chunks and it is these chunks that we work for. Post economic slump these “chunks” started disappearing and people started looking for different supplies of income. “Freelancing” was reincarnated. There were freelancers already before the economy went haywire, but they were considered a different species all together and never confused with the “commoners”.

The Challenge

Freelancing is all about talking to the right people at the wrong time. “Bail” people out of complicate problems is what freelancers mostly do. Success depends a lot on how easily easy to reach a person is. A freelancer needs to make scores of phone calls everyday to land the right job and to also discuss the details of an assignment. A lot of these calls are long distance calls and steep call costs often eat up a lot of what a freelancer earns from a project. The biggest challenge is to find a system that allows cheap calls and doesn’t compromise on call quality.

The Options

There are a lot of options as far as long distance calling is concerned. The most popular one is VoIP calling system. The technology allows cheap calling and with some luck one could also be able to get a call by without having to worry too much about static. But then, not all people are lucky, so call quality is a major issue. There are many people who use Skype, but then, Skype is not economical and also doesn’t offer the best call quality.

Recently there’s been a lot of hype about Magic Jack. It is a pen excursion sized device that fits into the USB port of a P.C and allows free local and long distance calls to people in the U.S, Canada and some parts of Europe. You just need to cough up $40 to have the device delivered at your doorstep. The price includes a one year subscription, so you basically pay nothing for the calls; the 40 bucks that you pay might easily qualify for the price of the device itself. The good part about this device is that, it costs just $20 per year from the second year onwards! The call quality is pretty decent. The device comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and if you are not pleased with the performance, you could just send Magic Jack back to its stable and claim your money back. This could truly be a good option for freelancers, but the product is however to get “battle hardened” and become as popular as Skype and others in the category. If it’s able continue the quality and integrity it now offers, chances are it will surpass Skype in the days to come.

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