How Do You Start a Website – Step By Step The Easy Way

How Do You Start a Website – Step By Step The Easy Way

Starting a website might be a nightmare for most of us well it was certainly for me until I understand the time of action of how the complete website works!

Requirement for constructing a website…..

  • Domain Name: In Simple words the name of your website is referred to domain name! This would cost approximately about $10 per year.
  • Hosting Account: These are companies, which makes sure that your website is easy to reach by internet to rest of the world 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!. The cost would $5 per month which has the basic features.
  • observe: While you are purchasing you will receive an e-mail with User name, Password and other important details keep it very safe.

Software Needed…..

  • Website editor: A software application used to edit your website, insert an images, add text and so on..I would recommend “Kmopozer” as it is free and easy to learn for starters.
  • FTP (File move Protocol): An application used to move file from your computer at home to the hosting companies! “Filezilla” is the most popular again simple to use and it’s a freeware.

Step By Step course of action for building you website!

  1. Create a Project Folder: In a location on your hard disk which is easily easy to reach create a folder with the” name of your website” and inside the folder you have made add a sub folder with the name images. Keep all the images that you are going to use for you website in the folder named images!
  2. Installing the program: Download the Ftp and website editor and install them in our case Filezilla and Kompozer.
  3. Get Familiar with Website editor: Open the website editor and be creative in using the web editor insert you image add your name in the text. Create a page website about you and a picture of you.
  4. Saving Your File: Once you have produced you webpage save it with the name index.html in the folder contains the name of your website and not in the image folder.
  5. Setting Your Names Sever (Optional): This step is required only if you are hosting account is different from you domain name companies. As mention earlier in the email send by the hosting companies will find the nameserver go to the website of your domain company and under the section nameserver add the namesever mentioned in your email id.
  6. Using FTP: Here is where the technical stuff gets in open the FTP in our case here Filezilla client. On the top left hand you will find great number fill it in this format ftp.yourdomian where the yourdomain will be the name of your actual domain name and copy the username and password from the email and paste it in the given section. And clicks connect.
  7. Uploading the file: You will notice the screen has been divided into two parts the left side refers to the files in your computer and the right side is the files of the hosting companies now make sure not to mess with the right side or the hosting companies files.
  8. Finding the folder to upload: In your email id you will find something similar to this “Publish to this folder for the web: public_html”. Find the name mentioned in the mail folder or any other name mentioned in the email on the hosting companies on the right side of the screen. On the left side of the screen browse for the folder from your computer with the name of your website and then select the files “index.html and the folder images” right click and hit upload.

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