How Does Psychic Perception Work?

How Does Psychic Perception Work?

In the early days of acknowledging or discussing it, psychic perception was known as the sixth sense. This focus defined psychic ability as a sense beyond the traditional five senses most commonly acknowledged by Western Cultures. In those days discussions on this subject focused on skills such as ESP (additional sensory perception), astral travelling and hands on healing. It was commonly thought that psychic abilities and perceptions were the amazing and scarce gift of a limited few.

More recently however awareness has developed to the recognition that although some come into their psychic ability loudly and naturally, in fact, psychic perception is something that all people have, already though most are not aware of it, and that with dedication, psychic perception can be developed into a powerful and useful tool. Furthermore it can be developed into skills that sustain individuals in their daily lives and work and most importantly their spiritual or soul awareness and purpose.

With this awareness came the interest of many more people to understand and develop their abilities and so psychics began sharing deeper knowledge about psychic ability and its definitions such as the Clairs.

· Clairvoyance meaning clear seeing;

· Clairsentience, clear sensing,

· Clairaudience, clear hearing,

· Claircognisance, clear knowing.

The above lists the most shared of the taught clairs, however it is not exhaustive and there are new clairs being additional regularly. The clairs can be useful to some degree when developing peoples awareness of their psychic perception and training them in ways and method of using it, however, they can present limitations and problems in addition.

When addressing Psychic Perception there is a lot to consider that impacts how an individual perceives and already recognises what is going on. Much of what comes in is complicate and subtle in its stream of information. For example, you may receive information in a dream, or during meditation, or directly because you ask for it. You may get an moment image, or a complicate set of ideas and fluid information or a mix of knowledge, images and more. Sometimes information can be relayed as a kind of sonar image, a vibrational complicate shape that encompasses image and consciousness, I have in addition to find a better way to define it however those that have experienced it themselves, will likely recognise what Im talking about. The point is, using the clairs as a foundation for working with psychic perception quickly becomes inadequate at an introductory level. Too many people just dont clarify with these simplistic definitions and pass what they experience off as intuitive when in fact, its much more complicate than the dominant clairs allow for.

In more recent years I have changed my definitions and teaching of psychic abilities and have found that doors open for people who had otherwise not been able to clarify themselves as psychic. In my training now I focus on terms such as Presence meaning thoroughness of awareness, and concede that people can perceive information beyond the traditional non psychic senses. There is so much to proportion here, perhaps too much to put into a single article, however I shall provide a basic outline to begin with.

Essentially, the awareness begins with that of the major Chakra system. The Chakras are a set of portals that exist within the complicate energy system of the human being. They connect a person to their soul, the human race, the planet, solar system and the world (amongst other systems we belong to). Each of these systems mentioned (soul, human race, etc) have their own unified field of energy that holds shapes and consciousness that define that individual system. Being connected to these fields via the chakras enables you to walk around and live your daily life in the world amongst others, experiencing your life, your work, your relationships in addition as growing and developing and changing as you live. Your chakra system is regularly receiving and sending out information the subject of which depends largely on your focus in life both in the moment in addition as your broader intentions and interests.

There are more than seven major chakras in the Chakra System, with seven chakras focusing on the daily world. Each chakra receives information in a different way, visual, intellect, words, sensing and more (these are very simplistic definitions for an extremely complex system) and then your system integrates the information into a unified flow of consciousness that you are able to interpret. If youve ever wondered why so much focus is put on the clearing and balancing of the Chakra system, this is why. It is that damage and imbalance with and between the chakras results in distortion and mayhem in the information both coming in and going out into the world. It truly impacts your experience in life. Clearing, healing and balancing your chakra system regularly can have a huge impact on your psychic perception and your life.

As you may realise from what I have shared in this article, there is so much more to the subject. My intention for this article is that the information provided here is clear enough that it will begin to open doors for people diving into the development of their psychic presence.

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