How Hostgator Came to rule Webhosting

How Hostgator Came to rule Webhosting

Hostgator web hosting has gone from zero to hero. In a short time, Hostgator has accelerated to becoming a major player on the web hosting scene, with over 1 million customers achieved earlier this year. Most web hosting forums are flooded with people generally pleased with their service and helping Hostgator via their continued positive mentions. The secret, may be that Hostgator may have simply gone back to the basics of web hosting. What makes a good web hosting business? Price, features, and customer service would be the three main elements of a great web hosting service, then marketing that business comes in as the final part. In evaluating Hostgator these basics of the webhosting industry must be taken into account before any more progressive examination is done.

Regarding pricing, Hostgator is certainly competitive. While they offer plans starting at $4.95 a month, considering it only allows one domain it’s really not doable for the majority of webmasters. The $7.95 domain jumps drastically up and allows unlimited domains so it will fulfill most casual webmastering needs, and all of them allow unlimited FTP accounts, so you won’t be constrained at any price.

Next up, features, and Hostgator sure does have many of those. The one that truly stands out to me was the unlimited MYSQL databases, which I thought I would never use, but if you run many websites and want to separate the databases you can use many very quickly. 1&1 hosting for example only allows 100 with their most expensive non-dedicated plan, much more expensive than Hostgator’s. Hostgator offers PHP 5, SSI, Ruby on Rails, SSH, Python, cURL, Chilisoft ASP, JSP sustain, or already free module installation (not all webhosts offer free installation).

In the customer service department, Hostgator soars above all others. On every issue experienced, Hostgator dealt with in a quick, already daresay, intelligent manner. From already at four in the morning, one can talk to a service representative online, who is able to manager surprisingly complicate issues.

This leads to the fourth part, marketing. A recent venture into becoming a “green web hosting” effort, combined with charitable donations and free hosting given to non-profits may help provide the clean image that can help encourage customers to promote them. And thanks to their superior customer service, online forums everywhere are abuzz with positive reviews of Hostgator, giving them the acclaim they need. And the relative without of Hostgator complaints compared to other web hosting companies also helps bolster their image. This will cut down the marketing costs needed to garner a good public image, and is a tremendous boon to their business, and perhaps the meaningful of their success lies in the positive spin that their great customer service allows them.

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