How Our Obsession With Celebrities Fuels The Drug Culture

How Our Obsession With Celebrities Fuels The Drug Culture

In today’s celebrity obsessed culture it is easy to become enamored with the glamorous lifestyles of movie stars and rock gods. They look how we want to look, act how we’d like to act, seem smart, capable and friendly. However, a staggering number of these modern day idols are succumbing to the pressures fame can generate by turning to drugs and alcohol. Brazenly flaunting their vices to the masses, this occurrence is having a startling effect on our society. Drug addiction is not something to be glorified or admired, as is done so often on television or in movies, but to be confronted. Drug rehabilitation needs to be seen as a necessary step to recovery as opposed to a trending topic on reality television.

Impressionable Kids

People love to follow celebrity gossip by tabloids, television and internet blogs. Unfortunately, some of the information contained in these outlets aren’t true. Famous people can have their problems blown way out of proportion many different ways. Kids see how they are living their lives and want to imitate. If they see Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears out at night partying with drugs and alcohol they will do they exact same thing. Ultimately, parents must keep watch over their children so they do not fall into these destructive patterns.

Celebrity Rehab

When celebrities hit rock bottom and go to rehab people become already more obsessed with their lives. They seem so interesting compared to most peoples mundane lives. There are already reality television shows on air that deal with this very subject. People want to see celebrities confront their issues in front of a camera so they can gossip about them already more. This is a recent occurrence that is very unhealthy for our country.


Unlike normal people who need to seek rehabilitation, celebrities are able to provide luxury treatment facilities. People get the impression, from seeing these places on television, that rehab is a glamorous experience. The reality could not be further from the truth. In fact, rehab is one of the toughest things a person can ever go by. Society needs to wake up to the fact that a drug addiction is not the latest fact accessory.


The mainstream media, namely the paparazzi, need to stop reporting such inane stories about celebrities and their alleged drug use. It fosters a fascination that serves no purpose other than making drug use seem more normal. It is confusing for a young person to see their favorite celebrity using drugs while maintaining a successful career that is endorsed by the media. It makes it seem like there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

Help From Family

People who have regular nine to five jobs live very different lifestyles from the celebrities out in Hollywood. They do not have the money in most situations to cultivate and continue a serious drug habit. If they do, they surely will not have the money for expensive, resort like treatment centers they see on television. It is important for people to realize what they see on television and read in tabloids does not precisely mirror real life. If a person fails to understand this it will make them think it is okay to have a hard partying lifestyle.

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