How Sellers Should Conduct Their Own Building and Pest Inspections?

How Sellers Should Conduct Their Own Building and Pest Inspections?

Building and pest inspections are one of the first things you should do prior to putting your home on the market. Knowing exactly what is wrong in terms of structural damage and pest infestation will permit you to decide if you should first use some money to repair your character or sell it at a lower than prevailing market rates. That being said it makes sense to use a few hundred dollars for repairs will help you get a few thousand dollars additional from a seller if the inspection company he or she hires finds nothing wrong.

Tools you will need

In order to carry out your own building inspection you will need the following tools:

· Moisture meter – This will help to determine rising or falling dampness which could cause problems. Buying this tool is expensive so you might want to hire it.

· Ladder – This comes in very handy when you need to inspect the roof.

· Torch – you will need this to inspect the basement and other dark spaces.

Inspecting your building from the inside

If your home is older than 25 years it’s time that you check for issues like water color, pressure, delivery of the hot water system and the water hammer which could develop leaks. At times a leaking pipe or dampness in an old home will cause foundation problems over time. Use a level meter to check the basement floor’s level in addition as the level of the complete home. Look very closely to see if there is a gap between your walls and the floor. If you do find a gap it could indicate a problem with the sustain or the framing built into your walls.

Check your showers for issues. If you see swollen timbers near your shower it could indicate a leak. If it’s a brick wall you will see dampness around the wall. In addition if you have a shower near your fuse box or near an electric board which may be on the other side you will need to check for residual current.

Inspecting your building from the outside

You should check to see if there is decay on the outside of your doors and windows. These can be expensive to repair or already replace. Check your downpipes and your gutters, if you see bubbles or a rough surface it could indicate a problem. If your gutters are becoming rusty probably some paint should help to give it a fresh look. Use a ladder to climb on top of your roof and look inside of the gutter. If you see signs of fractures, water which is confined or bad odor you may need to replace the gutter.

Check the external walls of your character for paint blistering. This is often caused by dampness. To find the root cause of this check all the external taps for leaks or faulty washers which may be causing water to pass by slowly into the wall.

Check for pests

Termites – The best way to detect a termite infestation is to take a look at all your external and internal walls. If you see a thorough line of mud, hollowed out doors and windows it could indicate termites.

Rats – The best indicator of this is chewed up furniture, doors and windows. If you also hear rats at night and see small holes in your back yard you will have to get rid of them ASAP before they cause additional damage.

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