How to Make a divided Level underwater Lounge Or Dining Room Floor

How to Make a divided Level underwater Lounge Or Dining Room Floor

A underwater lounge or dining room is made by splitting the floor levels in the house. This is by having the floor lowered by one foot or more from the actual level. The level difference creates a good characterize for the whole house. The ceiling heights typically keep the same. If the height is nine or ten feet on the ground floor, then the ceiling profile is maintained at the same level. The height difference will only occur on the lowered room surface.

The construction of the underwater or divided level room commences at the foundation stage. When the foundation walls are being erected, the level of the room will be stopped lower by two courses. The back filling and compaction is then done. After this stage, the hardcore base is then laid and compacted to the required levels. It is important that the internal wall finishing in this area be considered. This is because part this is in the foundation walls.

After hardcore is compacted, blinding is poured and compacted. A damp proof membrane is spread on the blinding after treating for termite and pests. A mesh fabric reinforcement is laid. Form work of the concrete thickness fixed. The concreting commences on the lowered floor level. After the floor is cast, the two courses that are exposed into the room are then built on top. Steps into this area are done during casting of the floor concrete.

The two courses of the underwater lounge should be treated for water proofing. This is because they are located in the foundation. The upper floor level then commences after this walls. The concreting operation is then repeated to complete the other areas of the house. Once the concrete floors are cured, walling commences for the whole house. Finishes on the two course walls are similar to what is chosen in the lounge after the work is completed.

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