How to Pass the ICC Structural Masonry Code Examination

How to Pass the ICC Structural Masonry Code Examination

The International Code Council (ICC) Structural Masonry Code Exam is a nationwide examination given to interested individuals who are in the building construction industry or not. Passing the exam increases the candidate’s chance of a successful career in the special inspection industry and it also awards him or her with a Certificate of Completion which is required to be called a ‘Structural Masonry Special Inspector’. The certificate is an affirmation that the individual is committed to abide and implement the ‘Code of Ethics’. The ‘Code of Ethics’ requires the Special Inspector to have a strong commitment toward the public’s safety. This is the special inspector’s dominant concern during the execution of his duties in the construction of commercial and/or residential buildings.

Helpful Tips to Successfully Pass the ICC Structural Masonry Code Exam

chiefly, the ICC Masonry Code Examination is no different from other exams in a way that the candidate has to follow the given examination guidelines and has to prepare in order to pass. If you are an aspiring building inspector or a seasoned veteran who might be lacking the knowledge and proficiency on the topic of structural masonry, you can seek schools to acquire the needed study information and/or instruction to pass the exam successfully.

Secondly, there are other factors that would elevate your chance of passing the exam and making your testing experience less stressful. Here are some useful tips to remember:

  • The exam is held at an independent 3rd party testing facility. To know and understand the items required for taken the exam is an often missed step. So you should review the ICC ‘Candidate Bulletin’ that explains all of these items.
  • The examination is provided by a computer-based test program. Candidates are given 3 ½ hours to finish both the code and plan segments, so it is all so important to know how to budget your time and determine beforehand you will allocate 1 ½ hours for the 60 code questions and 2 hours for the plan portion.
  • You should also know the references that will be used on the exams. Most examinees fail to pass the exam because they miss this important step. The exam is divided into two segments. Examinees will use the required code books to answer the 60 multiple-choice questions and the copy of plans provided to you for the 30 multiple-choice questions. The references for the code part of the exam are the following:
    • 2009 InternationalBuildingCode
    • ASTM Standards A 615, A 951-02, C 476-02, C 1019-05, C 1314-07, C 216-07, C 270-07, C 62-05, C 90-06b, and C 140-07
    • ACI530-08 BuildingCode Requirements for Masonry Structures/Specification for Masonry Structures
    • strengthened Grout Brick Masonry, 14th edition
    • strengthened Concrete Masonry Construction Inspector’s Handbook, 6th or 7th edition
    • form Program for Special Inspection
  • And last, it is also advisable for you to bring instruments such as a battery operated calculator and a magnifying glass to help you with calculating bar splice and interpreting the plans. Plus if you need guidance or study material that will successfully provide you with a passing score to reach your state certification, please seek the correct instruction.

Good luck on the exam…

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