How To Remove Honey Bees

How To Remove Honey Bees

If you’ve noticed a high concentration of honey bees around your home or character recently, there’s a good chance their hive is not far away. Unfortunately, simply spraying for pests does not always guarantee that honey bees won’t find themselves a home on your character. Honey bee removal doesn’t have to be a difficult course of action, but there are a few things to know.

It’s easiest to accomplish honey bee removal if you know where their hive is located. Bees prefer large spaces that are more than six feet above the ground, but will often make their hives in less ideal locations, especially in suburban areas. Beehives can be found inside walls, circuit or utility consoles, chimneys, grills, and other outdoor areas with enough space to establish a hive. Locating the hive is the first step to calculating how to remove them. If the bees have only been swarming for a day or two, there’s a good chance that they haven’t established a hive in addition, and they may choose to do so in other places. However, long-term, their presence probably method that a hive is close by. Following from a safe distance, you can probably determine the location of their hive by tracking their movements.

Once you’ve located the hive, you’ll probably be wondering how to remove honey bees. The simple answer is don’t. If you don’t have any prior experience with bee removal or maintenance, it is best to avoid trying to do it yourself. The results can literally be deadly, since bees are highly defensive of their hive and the queen bee inside. If you are dealing with an outside hive unattached to your home, it is usually possible to locate a beekeeper who will gladly remove the swarm for you to cultivate its honey. These beekeepers use simple tactics to distract the bees, and are equipped with special suits that fully protect them from stings.

If you have an established hive within your home, it is best to call specialized pest control. If the bees are not removed properly, they can cause meaningful damage to your walls that is costly and difficult to fix. Simply spraying into your walls with pesticides won’t work. It will probably only succeed in angering them, and your home will be swarming with angry bees. If it is strong enough to kill them, they can decay inside your walls and cause a horrible smell. The simple answer for how to remove honey bees in your home is to contact specialized pest control sets. They can safely remove the bees with minimal damage to your home, and advise you on keeping them away in the future. Bees can detect a former hive site and will live it again if you don’t seal off holes properly. Contacting pest control is the best way to ensure your safety from honey bees, now and in the future.

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