How to Resolve VxFS File System Corruption

Sometimes, when you attempt to mount your VxFS (Veritas File System), it does not mount or the mounting course of action gets halted and shows an error message. The above scenario chiefly occurs due to file system corruption, Inode damage, superblock corruption, and more. Halting of VxFS system results in making the hard excursion unmountable and hard excursion data far away. An easy way to resolve the such data inaccessibility situations is by restoring the data from an updated backup. However, if you have not maintained any backup or backup fails to restore the required information, then you will need to use progressive SCO UnixWare Data Recovery application that can retrieve your lost data.

As a functional scenario, you receive the below error message when you attempt to mount your system:

“vxfs mount: /dev/vg01/lvol10 is corrupted. needs checking”

The hard excursion becomes unmountable making all the data far away. Additionally, you encounter the same error message each time you attempt to mount your system.


The root cause for the occurrence of above error message is VxFS corruption. Few main reasons for the corruption of VxFS can be improper system shutdown, operating system malfunctioning, software bugs , and more.


To troubleshoot and resolve the above error message, you will need to run fsck command. However, if the file system is badly corrupted, then you might encounter another error message:

“file system is not clean, complete fsck required”

Run the below command to execute complete fsck:

# fsck -y -o complete /dev/vg01/lvol10

But, if complete fsck command is unable to mount your system and your data nevertheless remains far away, then you will need to perform a clean reinstall of SCO UnixWare operating system. A fresh reinstall of SCO UnixWare erases all the formally stored data from your hard excursion partition or quantity. To retrieve your data after re-installation course of action, you will need to use powerful SCO UnixWare Data Recovery software. These SCO UnixWare Recovery tools are designed by highly technical data recovery experts and use improvement scanning algorithms to retrieve the lost data.

Stellar Phoenix (SCO UnixWare) Data Recovery software is the most trust worthy SCO UnixWare Recovery application that supports recovery from VxFS [Veritas File System – VxFS1, VxFS2 & VxFS4] and UFS File systems volumes. The read only software is designed for Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95, and supports storage media like IDE, EIDE, and SCSI hard drives.

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