Hype Or Hope? Review of the Eric Medemar – progressive Wholesaling 2.0 Hy…

Hype Or Hope? Review of the Eric Medemar – progressive Wholesaling 2.0 Hy…

Up until an accidental meeting at the 2006 at the REI Summit, I had only heard rumors about Eric’s rare training philosophy. I was told by a few other top industry trainers that I’d either love Eric or hate him. There was just no middle ground with him. Looking back, it is clear that his no nonsense approach to real estate wholesaling along with his sharp tongue had made him a few enemies.

That meeting along with my blog subscribers serious demands prompted me to get in touch with Eric so that I could do a thorough review of his progressive Wholesaling System. So with your permission, I would like to get started now.

If you will remember back in October of 2009 we did our first conference call with Eric Medemar and I came right out and asked him if he planned on coming out with any new material. He only hinted there could be something in the works but at the time it seemed like nothing concrete. That is why I was so exited when I saw he was releasing this new system.

I will be right up front, there was a part of me that didn’t believe he could enhance much from his Ultimate Wholesaling System. Afterall his Ultimate Wholesaling System was not just cheap but it worked too Kind of a hard combination to enhance on.

That’s why it didn’t surprise me at all to learn that instead of improving his system it seemed more like he expanded it. Do you know how sometimes you can’t know what you don’t know, until you learn something new and only then you realize you were missing something big? Well, that’s what happened as I started reviewing his new system.

Module #1 Mental speeding up Module– In this module, for example, I learned the fascinating reason why so many of us get stuck in “examination Paralysis”. This does seem to be something that sets Eric system except many of the other systems that I’ve reviewed. Eric not only teaches you “what to do” he teaches you “how to do it”.

Module #2 The Buyer Blitz Module- Anyone who bought the Ultimate Wholesaling system will remember Eric’s Reverse MLS method and his HUD hound method. How could those two methods be improved on. Personally I didn’t think he could do it. He did! In his new buyer module he shares 21 more ways to find buyers and about 10 of them are equally as inventive as his HUD hound method and his Reverse MLS method.

Module #3 The Marketing Meltdown Module- This was like getting a short cut MBA in marketing, which is one of those areas that I didn’t know how much I was missing or how much it would help me, until I truly listened to the module.

Module #4 The Realtor Reality Check Module- For many of you this might be your favorite because in this one Eric touches on an area of investing that no other courses seems to teach, which is how to manager dealing with Realtors. Those of you who know me, know that I’ve been a Realtor for 15 years now and Eric teaches you things about me that I certainly wouldn’t have wanted you to know.

Module #5 The Seller Slam Module– Like Eric says “Buyers and Sellers are about 90% of the wholesaling equation” which is why he goes into such great detail giving exact specific instructions about how to find motivated sellers in nearly every market.

Module #6 Website Warfare Module– If you somehow missed the boat and weren’t impressed by the past 5 modules, this one will blow you away, because Eric takes you behind the scenes of his guru business and provides you with a flood of new insights about how he leverages the internet to make already more money, with far less effort.

Because so many of you were asking I figured I’d release the first half of my review because there’s 6 more modules left after this one. No, I haven’t officially finished this review, but I will say in just these first 6 modules I’ve gotten 10 TIMES my moneys worth.

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