I Love – Winter

I Love – Winter

These Winter nights against my window-pane character with busy pencil draws designs Of ferns and blossoms and fine spray of pines, Oak-leaf and acorn and fantastic vines, Which she will make when summer comes again– Quaint arabesques in argent, flat and cold, Like disinctive Chinese etchings.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

I Love…………Winter!

I am one of those people who love snow and frost and wrapping up warm against the cold.

I love crumpling up the newspaper and laying the kindling and logs in the fireplace, then the flare of the match as it strikes on the box.

I love the colors of the flames as first the paper, then the wood, starts to burn.

I love it when the whole family can gather together in front of the fire to enjoy its warmth.

I love going out for walks along paths where the puddles have frozen, so that you can slide on them or jump on them and hear that wonderful ‘crack’ resounding by the crispy air!

I love the icicles that appear like great big spears. I love it when the waterfalls have amazing icy sculptures where the water has frozen as it has splashed.

I love the big, fat, fluffy snowflakes that fall on my confront and taste so fresh.

I love the puffs of white breath as we go out into the cold air.

I love the fantastic frosty shapes and pictures that appear on the and car windscreen and windows.

I love watching the children building snowmen, snow-women, snow balls, snow dens and snow anythings!

I love the hoar frost clothing the trees and bushes like a furry white coat that sparkles in the sunshine.

I love filling the hot water bottles to warm chilly toes and I especially love cosy flannel sheets.

In fact I love it all!

However, what I don’t love is the slush when it all melts and the miserable grayness of the cold rain that doesn’t have the imagination to transform itself into beautiful snow flakes………………..

©Kate Harper December 2005

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