Infamous Or Hero the Choice is Yours –  Infamous For PS3 is a Must

Infamous Or Hero the Choice is Yours – Infamous For PS3 is a Must

Infamous begins with a bang! Literally. Once average (free running) delivery boy turned lightning wielding badass, Cole the main Character in the game, starts on a routine delivery, when the package he’s carrying explodes and takes most of empire city with it. After a fleeting introduction, which has you hobble your way out of a crater caused by the explosion, your let loose on the first of three Districts in empire city.

Graphics and Presentation

Now I could start this section picking at a few minor niggles, but to do so would not do infamous the justice it deserves. One of the first things you’ll notice when your free to roam empire city, Is the visuals, it looks beautiful, the city almost seems to change completely with every different time of day you made to play in. Many open world games usually sacrifice visuals for freedom and scope, but infamous has a nice balance from the off, The world itself has a tonne of little details from pedestrians running to the sight of an injured citizen and checking there pulse, to citizens falling To there knees and clutching there heads with panic and stress, the animation on Cole himself is also top notch from the failing tassels on his rucksack to the Balancing animations as he traverses strength lines and rooftops that span the city, another lovely and satisfying sight is tapping L2 on the controller near any electrical source as this prompts Cole to drain the energy from that point refilling his store of electricity and health alike (a quick click of R3 brings up all these points on the mini map) , now the in game cut scenes won’t win any awards, but the comic Style story moments that are the main trust of the story part are beautifully presented and do a good job of keeping you immersed and wanting to Know more. Aside from the occasional pop up in empire city and occasional cars with missing drivers the games looks great from start to finish.


The sound in infamous is very well done, hearing the thud of lightning called down by Cole as he destroys all foes that beset his path is awesome, especially if your lucky enough to have a surround set up to hand when playing.

Game play

OK infamous starts off slow, the strength has been cut off to most of empire city and your now tasked with repowering it all one area at a time by over charging sub stations located beneath the city, most of the games story missions almost always rule you to repowering one of these and with each one you repower comes a new ability for you and Cole to play with. Once you begin infamous you quickly realizes that other inhabitants of city have also been effected by the explosion that gave you your powers, the gangs and criminal of the city have all been effected giving each of the three districts in the game a specific enemy kind that you must dispatch, the first you’ll encounter are the reapers, who are a group of hooded thugs not very powerful but in the early stages of the game can put up a good fight, later come the dustmen with there junk like turn up and after that well… you’ll have to play and see for yourself…..

Let me just say without going into to much detail some of the bosses and bigger enemies later in the game are a joy to fight and a sight to behold. Theirs a lot to do in empire city in terms of game play already when not following the main story arc, like all the optional side quests, which have a surprising variety to them, be it escorting reapers or dustmen to prison gates, climbing up buildings disabling surveillance devices or reading the mind of a downed enemy then tracking them to there location just to name a few. Along side the side quests, are stunts (performing certain moves on enemies), collecting blast shards (remnants of the package you were carrying before the explosion) which gives you an additional notch on your electricity bar when enough are collected, also dead drops (radio transmitters on the rooftops of empire city which with each collected fill out some back story to the game) another nice characterize the are points of interest, they sometimes pop up on screen and are activated by holding triangle, these could be anything from watching a broadcast from the TV jacker (a city rebel who likes to comment on Coles recent activities) or just catching a news update or having one of the games NPC’s (none playable characters) point you in the direction of an incident.

One of the main game play elements in infamous is the ability to be good or evil, infamous or hero and these choices go some way to defining your character, The way the city reacts to you and your overall game experience, when you begin the game you are neutral and your actions from this point will rule you to Either the dark or light side of infamous, each kill or takedown in the game gives you experience points to use on new moves or to upgrade old ones, with some only being obtainable to either the hero or infamous alignment, so whether your blasting civilians with 10,000 volts just for fun or reviving those caught in the crossfire of a battle these actions will push you to one side or the other , another way to push your position to either good or bad is to complete the specific good or bad missions distributed around empire city, for example one of the first choices in the game, a food shipment has been dropped in to empire city, and you being super powered and all have to Clamber to the top of a towering structure to cut it down, do you….

A) get it down and proportion the food with the people of the city or….

B) get it down and kill Everybody who tries to get close, these choices don’t just effect your alignment (good or bad) but effect how the people of empire city react to you, for example if you lean more towards the hero’s path the people of empire city will cheer and shout your name, rushing up to take a quick break shot as you run and jump around the city but… turn slightly more to the infamous side and the people of the city will run in panic at the sight of you or already attempt to stone you at the most inappropriate of times.

As you analyze the city with Cole you’ll quickly notice, Cole is very grippe, almost every thing in the city is extent able, From lampposts and signs to buildings and railway tracks Cole is able to make his way up almost everything, Cole is also a joy to control as You jump and jump around, he’ll almost always latch or land on the nearest obtainable surface or ledge which makes those should I or shouldn’t I jump moments a little less tense, once your a few missions into the first district of the game you’ll have acquired a few of Coles abilities giving you a range of skills at your disposal to dispatch your foes, with around 16 skills to acquire and most being upgradeable you’ll always have a choice move for those surprise situations, be it taking a foe out from a distant with Coles accuracyn shot, blasting a group of foes to bits with the megawatt hammer , or blasting am enemy while hovering off a building with your static thrusters, either way the Out come is always a satisfying one.

Completion and replay ability

On your first run by of Infamous you’re likely to complete it within about 12-20hrs depending on your level of commitment and how many side quests you decide to do, either way though upon completion the city is left open for you to complete what is left at your leisure , from performing stunts , to collecting dead drops and blast shards or going by the story again with the opposite alignment there’s a tonne to get done, so for those who take to Coles way of doing things, be prepared for a lot of fun to be had in empire city.

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