Is This the End for Restrictive First-Time-Buyer Mortgage Deals?

Is This the End for Restrictive First-Time-Buyer Mortgage Deals?

HSBC has released a new mortgage offer which could spell the end of huge deposits and colossal rates of interest, The Guardian has reported.

The new deal, with an interest rate of 4.89%, which is fixed for seven years, is designed to help first-time buyers get a foot on the character ladder. Since the character bubble burst in 2007, young people have been hit particularly hard, with mortgages being far away for the majority who have low amounts of savings and often have high rents to pay, both problems which have been exacerbated by high unemployment and pay freezes during the double-dip recession.

The HSBC deal has offered first-time buyers new hope that a price war could start between the major lenders, meaning that more attractive deals could open up over the coming weeks and months.

HSBC is allowing people to apply for this deal with only a 10% place, this being a far more realistic savings goal than the 25% deals that have become shared in recent years.

To make the deal already more easy to reach, the mortgage fee, which, in the past, has been upwards of £1000, has been scrapped.

Offering customers a long-term fixed rate not only allows people to keep steady and affordable mortgage repayments for the foreseeable future but also method that already if national interest rates increase, then those buyers won’t see a price increase until their fixed rate ends. Such a scheme is very attractive to first-time buyers as it method they can budget for the long term.

If other lenders follow HSBC’s rule, then this could change the confront of mortgage lending in the UK at present. Until now, most competition between lenders has been targeted at the more mature end of the market – people looking for second or third homes, with at the minimum 40% deposits, who, thanks to their perception as “safe customers”, have been able to obtain mortgage deals of around 2 ½ to 3 ½ percent.

Stuart Gregory of Lentune Mortgage Consultancy has high hopes for first-time buyers if the market opens to offer deals such as this. “At 90% this mortgage is a cracking deal. Look back a associate of years and I had clients wanting to borrow 75% who couldn’t get a rate for five years under 5%.”

This comes as Halifax reported that mortgage repayment costs are now at their lowest in fifteen years, costing the average purchaser just 26% of their net salary, compared with 48% in 2007.

Of course, however, if more people are to be able to access these deals and the nation is to conquer the problem of a rentals character shortage and encourage people to buy, then these low-place deals need to become more standard.

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