Keeping Bugs Away From Your Outdoor Lighting!

Keeping Bugs Away From Your Outdoor Lighting!

Step outside on your deck or porch in the evening during the warm season and bugs are always around the lights. Hard to enjoy the warm weather if you’re worried they’re going to come in the house or you can’t enjoy your outdoor patio furniture. Shinning light attracts bugs looking for food. Spiders love outdoor lights and the next morning you walk out into spider webs! Here are a associate of steps that if implemented can considerably assist in helping reduce the bugs:

  • Bugs are attracted to blue and ultra-violet light. Try using Yellow light bulbs as bugs can’t see yellow and aren’t attracted to this color. The lower the ultra-violet color the less likely you’ll see bugs.
  • Insects seek food and house animal’s hair, smells and urine attract bugs. If you keep your animal out near your porch light or door, try to regularly clean the area and sweep away hair.
  • Fix all water problems near the house. Bugs love nevertheless water and it becomes a breeding ground for them. Sweep away puddles and remove nevertheless water from the deck with a deck squeegee.
  • Outdoor deck plants add to the comfort of the home but will increase the amount of bugs attracted so limit when possible the number of plants.
  • During Barbeques once food is finished make sure to clear tables and wipe them down.
  • Keep garbage cans as far away from the house as possible
  • Light citronella candles near the table lights as citronella keeps the bugs away.
  • Garlic is known to keep bugs away. Some studies have shown increasing vitamin B intake can also keep bugs away from individual verse those who haven’t taken vitamin B.
  • Outdoor fans create air movement which will greatly assist in keeping bugs away.
  • For outdoor parties Tiki torches can be burned with citronella oil which will increase lighting and keep the bugs away.

Many of the above recommendations should greatly assist in helping you enjoy your outdoors more and not have those bugs ruin a good time!

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