KVM Switch: More Popular and Useful Device to Connect Multiple Computers

KVM Switch: More Popular and Useful Device to Connect Multiple Computers

KVM Switchis a switching device which is used to connect two or more computers with a single keyboard video mouse system. The range of KVM related switches starts from 2 to 32 ports. The use of switches depends upon the requirements. typically 2 port and 4 port KVM switch is use for home or small office use while the other port switches are include in business and enterprise level.

You may connect several servers by daisy chaining concept. It supports all operating systems and the bandwidth of 200 MHz. Due to the flexibility of these switches it is used in various environments like educational, financial, business, government, as a hobby and commercial purpose. There are verities of KVM (keyboard, video mouse) related switches exist and it can be used according to your requirements. Some details of these switches are as follows:

USB KVM Switch: With the help of USB Switch we can connect 32 computers with one USB peripheral device. These are also comes in 2 to 32 port and sustain resolution up to 1920 x 1440 including native SUN resolutions of 1152 x 900. It is the most popular device due to easy connection via USB switch.

DVI KVM Switch: The DVI Switch is used to move the digital data to DVI characterize device without any corruption of data. You can connect multiple computers with the help of usb keyboard or mice or with PS/2. It supports resolutions up to 1600 X 1200 at 60Hz.

IP KVM Switch (KVM over IP):In the above two switches the distance is a measure drawback. The KVM over IP has no bar of distance. You can easily access your server via a 128 bit obtain browser from anywhere in the world over TCP/IP. Due to far away access facilities it is widely used in surveillance purpose.

There are some other switches like CAT5, PS2 Switch and many more. Before buy any switches first know what your requirements and what the features included in your products which is going to buy. Always choose best among all the others like USB, ip DVI and so on (according to your use).

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