Life Of A Termite

Life Of A Termite

If you are already aware of it, you know that termites are one of the biggest problems that can occur in your home. When you are able to find some in your home, you will need to hire Exterminators such as Orkin to help you get rid of these pests. Sadly though, a number of homeowners do not know how termites present a threat to their home. They are only aware that these termites need to be destroyed so that they do not keep coming back.

Sad to say, the time of action for getting rid of termites is an current one. It does not end with a single course of action as it will need the utmost participation between a pest control expert and the homeowner. There are unfortunate processes because these two main personalities do not communicate well. As such, they do not pay attention to the fact that these pests can return anytime.

Getting rid of a termite infestation does not simply average killing one or two of these pests. This is because termites do not live independently. They live in colonies and infest your home. A single colony can be composed of a few hundred termites to a few million. With this number alone, you have to be on your ground and be prepared for these pests as they can return anytime. The only way for the infestation to end is when the whole colony has been totally eradicated.

But how does a colony get organized? How do they know when to stop attacking your home? Just like bees and ants, termites get classified according to their social group. Yes, these pests have their own social order and depend on the one on top. Each colony of termites is composed of the following:

• Queens- Contrary to what a lot of people think, termites can have more than a single queen. People usually think this because many kinds of ants have only one queen. With termites, this is not necessarily the case as they have a dominant queen and several secondary queens. The dominant queen is the usually the one that started the colony. Her successors, secondary queens, also lay eggs and are set to take over once she is killed.

• King- Unlike her, each colony can only have one king. This is the male termite which mates with a queen in order to start a colony. His role is to help start the colony, raise each of the younger termites while the queen lays her eggs. Once the king is killed, a reproductive can grow to become his substitute.

• Soldiers- These termites are responsible for defending the nest from the other intruders such as insects.

• Workers- These are the termites which stays inside the nest. They are responsible for tending to the eggs and larva, building the nest and gathering food. Worker termites are usually white and die easily when they are outside the tunnel they have produced due to an exposure to sunlight.

• Reproductives- Lastly, these termites are the ones which are usually visible to most people. They typically fly around for short periods of time, looking for a place where they can start a new nest. When they do, their wings discarded out. They are also known as the Swarmers or the Neotenics.

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