Local rule plan – Local rule generation training course

Local rule plan – Local rule generation training course

What is Local rule Plan?

Please watch the video for exact details about the course.

Local rule Plan is the first totally comprehensive guide to local rule generation and local affiliate marketing. A complete training plan including top niches, landing page templates, traffic supplies, sample contracts, invoices, sales proposals, Pay Per Call, rule handling, tracking, optimization and more.

What is included?

After ordering you will closest receive a obtain download link to a zip file with 5 included files:

The main guide which is a 23,000 information, 116 page PDF A sample contract/local rule gen agreement A sample sales proposal A sample invoice Local negative keyword list  /> Lifetime access to private member’s forum </p>
<h2 >What topics are covered?</h2>
<p > Chapter 1 <b>Why local rule generation</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 2 <b>Finding customers </b> </p>
<p>Chapter 3 <b>The pitch and first proposal</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 4 <b>They are interested, now what?</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 5 <b> Pricing leads</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 6 <b> Website decisions</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 7 <b>Handling leads – Web</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 8 <b>Phone leads – Pay per call</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 9 <b>Tracking payments and billing your client</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 10 <b> Local rule Generation agreement</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 11 <b> Landing page design and optimization</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 12 <b> How to run an effective trial</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 13 <b>Traffic supplies for local rule generation</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 14 <b> Campaign building by traffic source</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 15 <b>Local Search online advertising</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 16 <b> Offline opportunities</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 17 <b>possible problems</b> </p>
<p>Chapter 18 <b>Scaling local rule gen</b> </p>
<p>Appendix (Including PPC guides and all links) </p>
<h2 >Why is this NOT a typical ebook?</h2>
<p> The guide contains no affiliate links, not one. It’s not a get high quick scheme. It requires work on your part to implement the strategies in the book. I’m not selling hopes, dreams, or lifestyles. Just a substantial business plan for success. The price is not low for a limited time, then going up. It will stay an affordable…  </p>
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