Man, the Microcosm; Part 4

Man, the Microcosm; Part 4

The rule Nadis & Kundalini

The etheric body, according to Hindu mystics, is said to be composed of 72,000 nadis, or subtle nerves. This figure as the actual number is questionable; it is more likely to be symbolic and should not be taken literally. Sushumna, Ida and Pingala are the major nerves of this vital body. Sushumna is the etheric style of the cord of the central nervous system in the spinal column. Ida and Pingala correspond to the two branches of the autonomic nervous system located along side of the 33 segments of the vertebrae. Ida and Pingala are rooted in the perineum. They rise and flank each side of the sushumna, and they terminate in the openings of the nostrils. Ida is negative in polarity; Pingala, positive. These subtle nerves are the channels for the Yin and Yang energy absorbed by the breath. Hindu yogis have recognized the fact that the breath does not flow equally by the nostrils. A certain cyclic law causes the breath to flow easily by one nostril at a time for an hour or so, and then switching the mechanism to the other nostril. character has designed this operation for a certain reason connected with the growth of man’s psyche.

Sushumna has its bottom end at the root chakra, or Muladhara. Its upper end terminates in the brow chakra. Within Sushumna are to be found already subtler nadis called Vajrini-nadi, Chitrini-nadi, and Brahmarandha-nadi. The etheric chakras are anchored in the Chitrini-nadi, and it is this fine nerve in particular that is the pathway for the “serpent-fire,” that electrical, magnetic energy called Kundalini. Five deities are believed to reside in the Brahmarandha-nadi : Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Sadasiva, and Ishvara. These gods are the personifications of certain seed faculties that lie idle until aroused by their consort, their shakti, the divine Kundalini. Sushumna is one of the repositories in the microcosmic being for the past and present records of the psyche, the subconscious feelings and thoughts of the “Mr Hyde” side of Man. These records are cleansed and transmuted as Kundalini rises and burn her way by.

The Great Central Sun, that spiritual fire burning in the celestial realms, is recognized by occultist as the source of all forms of energies within the galaxy and in our solar system. It radiates its rays into our solar system by the sun, the Solar Logos or deity. This energy qualified by our sun is the divine shakti, the Cosmic Kundalini. An aspect of this cosmic energy is solar prana–that energy that gives and sustains life in physical organism. Cosmic energy is distributed throughout the solar system. Each planetary body receives and assimilates Cosmic Kundalini and qualifies this energy, bestowing upon it its own disinctive quality, and then radiating it out again for the assistance of the other planetary centers. Our satellite, the moon, is also a transformer of Cosmic Kundalini emanating from the sun. The energy that it receives from the sun is transmuted and rayed down upon our earth. Our planet, consequently, is the recipient of various energies emanating from the sun, moon, and the planets; and incidentally, this is the basis of astrology. These energies of the planets, moon, and sun combine with the earth forces in our planetary center and it rises to affect every sentient being that has its abode on Terra. Herein lies the source of Kundalini within Man, for the serpent fire has its origin within the conglomerate energies in the bowels of the earth. It ascends to reside in the canal prepared for it in the etheric body. This canal is called “kanda” and it is the etheric style of the coccygeal gland.

Kundalini lies “coiled” within Kanda. It slumbers until awakened by the evolutionary course of action. Kundalini is the creative possible within Man. It is a dynamic force, a idle static strength that releases atomic energy when aroused. typically, at character’s speed, it may take thousands of millions of years for kundalini to fulfill her destiny within Man. By treading the spiritual path; however, kundalini may be awakened within a single lifetime–with the careful guidance of a true Spiritual Master–though this step should not be attempted by all men who simply desires or is interested in it. It is enough for the average person simply to initially include in purification exercises and living in accord with spiritual laws. Premature kundalinic activation without certain preparations may cause pain and experiencing as the fiery force scorches its way up the spine.It may burn the nervous system causing disorders, mental derangements, and already death. Its awakening should be preceded by the yogic or alchemical steps of soul cultivation so familiar to students of the occult and mysticism. It might surprise some to learn that Kundalini is truly not a “fiery” energy but a cool force. It is the friction between Kundalini and impurities that causes the sensation of heat.

Kundalini energy accelerates evolution, there is no doubt of this; however, unwieldy handling of this energy may cause the opposite effect. Kundalini may give abundant life, or kill the foolish individual who attempts to raise it without complete knowledge. Be cautious of the so-called Masters that seek to awaken your kundalini for a fee–most of them are deluded and have not already raised their own Kundalini. Energy rising in the back in the form of any sensation does not indicate that the complete Kundalini force is rising. There are three aspects to Kundalini and any of one of them may rise up the spine. There is the Kundalini force circulating around the meridian nerves; there is the kundalini force manifesting as sexual energy; and the true kundalini at the base of the spine. Observing the so-called masters of Kundalini energy and we nevertheless find them short of the spiritual standards as exemplified by the Saints and Hierophants of the Almighty. The true moment rising of the Kundalini as triggered by Masters of shaktipat are not given indiscriminately but wisely to those who are prepared for it and not for the insignificant asking of it by the immature soul. already in shaktipat, it is not the true Kundalini that rises but simply an aspect of it. There is too much sensationalism involved in Kundalini awakening.

The serpent fire, or the force of shakti, when awakened, rises within sushumna to unite with the Shivaic energy from the Ego that may lie within the third ventricle of the brain. Egoic energy, like kundalini has to be evoked for it to be present at the marriage bed inside the cranium. When united, they stimulate the head centers and glands, and the third-eye begins to unfold. It raises Man to a higher plane of consciousness. Inside the cranium, kundalinic fire stimulates the pineal gland. The magnetic union of these head centers causes an explosion of energy which illuminates the complete cranium and causes physical changes in the brain. Kundalini is the source of Man’s regenerative possible. She vitalizes the chakras, and via the chakras, the glands. The glands then secrete hormones that are life and youth preserving. Kundalini is related to the serpent in the story of Genesis. The true interpretation of this book as known to the begin, remains to be revealed to a wider audience. The Tree of Knowledge with its branches corresponds to the central nervous system with its various plexuses. It is by this nervous system and the senses that we acquire knowledge of the physical plane. The Tree of Life represents the autonomic nervous system to some extent but specifically to the etheric nervous system, or the nadis.

Protecting the body from an untimely kundalinic stimulation and a bombardment of astral forces are certain network of nadis, or “etheric webs,” which are found along the subtle spinal cord. In Yogic philosophy, these webs are called “granthi,” meaning “knots.” There are three granthis of important importance. They are called “Brahma’s knot,” “Vishnu’s knot,” and “Rudra’s knot.” These are located in the vicinity of the Muladhara, Anahata, and Ajna chakras, respectively. They offer a maximum resistance to Kundalini when she ascends.The shielding off of Kundalini by these knots as she rises, causes manifestations of a painful character in the body–but this is for the general well-fare of the psychosomatic system. The brain is safe if the warning of pain is heeded and kundalinic arousal halted. These protective shields, or etheric webs are “distributed” naturally, or raised in frequency by spiritual living and the purification of the nadis. Kundalini herself, however, burns away the subtle dross within sushumna and in the body which the normal purificatory course of action is unable to accomplish completely. The proper way for raising the fiery force is by magnetization of the higher centers and sushumna and not by direct arousal by the focalization of the consciousness on the slumbering serpent. Kundalini rises as the male and female polar energies within the body are balanced. Yogic mystics often resort to certain contractions and locks of the muscles called “bandhas” to arouse Kundalini and to assist her ascent upwards. These bandhas are applied in the following areas:

1) In the urogenital-pelvic diaphragm

2) In the chest diaphragm

3) In the cranial muscles

These locks are called in Yoga teachings “Mula Bandha,” “Uddhivana Bandha,” and “Jalandhara Bandha,” respectively. These contractions or “locks” rejuvenate the chakras, glands, nerves and nadis. The exercises of these locks are accompanied by directing the internal wind–“prana” and “apana,” which must be balanced in the root chakra.

Kundalini awakening in general, must be supervised by an adept who is well-experienced in these matters and who has had his own Kundalini raised. It is a matter of right timing, the ripeness of the disciple which the Adept-Guru must determine carefully for his disciple. Kundalini arousal can be safe or it can be a dangerous matter depending on the readiness and prior preparation of the chela. One of the dangers of Kundalini arousal which should be noted is the motion of the force–whether it rises upwards or downwards. The right course is upwards, and it is symbolically called the “serpent of wisdom.” The downward course causes sexually deviations and an amplification of the carnal instincts and desires, which are represented by the “red dragon” in myth and allegories. The raised serpent giving heath and vitality may be found in the signs adopted by the medical and apothecary professions : the caduceus and the coiled serpent around a chalice.

As we have seen, Kundalini is represented by the serpent and dragon, depending on her motion. Her downward spiral is also represented by the scorpion. When she reaches the Sahasrara chakra, when she has united with her Lord Shiva, the Christ force, she is transformed into an eagle, which symbolizes a transcendental consciousness. The wings of an eagle together with the other elements of the subtle body are portrayed in that emblem held in the hands of the god Hermes or Mercury–the caduceus–and appropriated by the medical profession as mentioned above. The passage and journey of Kundalini upwards from the base chakra into Sahasrara may be found in the allegories of the Rosicrucian tale of CRC in the Fama Fraternitatis, in the Exodus of the Israelites, in the story of Jesus, in the Grail myth, and in the opening of the seven seals in Revelation. Some occult students believe that the central mystery of the Holy Shekinah in Qabalism refers to Kundalini. The circumambulations of the pilgrims around holy sites such as the Ka’ba in Mecca and Mt. Kailash in the Himalayas are symbolic of the spiralling ascent of the serpent fire. When interpreted esoterically, Moses is believed to have received instructions on Kundalini as implied in the following verse:

“Make thee a fiery serpent and set it upon a pole; and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it shall live.” (Num 21:8)

This serpent upon the pole is the caduceus with Kundalini flowing harmoniously in the three nadis. With the help of Kundalini, every one bitten by ignorance although spiritually dead, shall live as they are spiritually illumined and perceive by the eyes of wisdom.

In Masonry, Kundalini is represented by Hiram Abiff. The 33 degrees of attainment of this esoteric brotherhood, which have degraded in modern times, represents the 33 segments of the spinal column. The resurrection of Hiram is the work undertaken by the Masonic begin. The life of Jesus also represents kundalinic ascent. The number 33 again appears as the age of the Nazarene Master as he was crucified upon the hill of Golgotha, the place of the skull–the begin’s skull. In this context Jesus represents the strength of Kundalini. More of this will not be revealed here.

Incense plays a role in sanctifying an ecosystem as a preparation for spiritual work. It is used in almost all religions and mystical traditions. Its smoke spiralling upwards to convey Man’s prayers to the gods–as believed by some cultures–represents the rising energy of Kundalini.

Chrism Oil & the Brain Dews

Kundalini alone is incapable of illuminating or transforming brain-consciousness–this is a rule often over-looked by New Agers. Kundalini has to unite with Egoic energies and also convey the etheric substance called by some “Chrism Oil” to the third ventricle of the brain. This oil is produced by the prostrate gland in the male and the uterus in the female. It is transported to the brain by the serpent force where it mixes with the crystallized energies of the Ego called “Brain Dews.” These are then released into the bloodstream and into the nervous system. This results in psychological and biological changes–in the speeding up of the vibratory rate of the body; and it brings about rejuvenation and an improvement in the quality and extent of the magnetic field, the aura surrounding the physical body–but these are the least important of the changes wrought. The important transformations occur in the consciousness.

Chrism oil, sometimes called “the Golden oil,” is developed out of the sexual fluids. If it is not held in the body by conservation and sublimation of semen and the sexual force, is wasted in the act of procreation and generation, especially if the carnal character is excessively expressed. When conserved, this oil, this “balm of Gilead,” does not automatically reach the third ventricle where it is to blend with its mate unless directed there with the aid of the Kundalini force in the practice of spiritual acclivity techniques. By conserving, transmuting and sublimating sexual energy–called “Ojas-shakti” by yogis–together with the Chrism oil to the cerebrum, we stimulate brain cells and awaken to a higher intelligence. In Taoist yoga, this is called “reversing the flow.” Taoists refer to sexual energy as “ching chi,” which is a transformation of Kundalini and the chi or prana in the gonads. This spiritual force is willed and directed mentally to the head center where it again undergoes some changes to develop into a higher energy called “shien chi.”

Religious and esoteric groups of the past and present practice sexual restrain–some call it “encratism.” All mystical schools in the East and in the West believe that ejaculation of the seminal fluid is detrimental to the mind, body, and soul. It should be noted, however, that the object is not sexual expression, but transformation, sublimation and assimilation.When conserved and sublimated, seminal energy tones up the whole organism. It makes the senses more acute; it brightens the eyes, and causes a certain sheen to be seen on the skin; it also unfolds psychic abilities. Sexual energy is the force that assists man to raise his consciousness to a higher state. consequently we see from this that the energy of procreative sex is a possible strength which could and should be transmuted into a higher expression and used for spiritual purposes in right living and in the exercising of certain esoteric techniques to evolve the consciousness to Superconsciousness. Metaphysical sexual unions would occur within the microcosm as a consequence of sexual sublimation and the absorption of the Chrism oil; and they are as follows:

1) Union between the energies of the lower and higher chakras in the heart and throat centers.

2) Union between the force-field of the pineal and pituitary glands.

3) Union between the Personality and the Ego.

4) Union between the Monad and the Personality-Ego.

Brain-dews, called “Ros” by the ancient Rosicrucians, is a spiritually magnetized fluid that transforms human blood into a river of life, into the saving blood of Christ, into the “redeeming blood of the lamb.” It is the true waters of baptism. Ros is the crystallized Christ substance. The Christ force emanates from the Godhead of the omniverse; it is the son aspect of the cosmos that enters this solar system via the sun. This Christ force, called “Azoth” by alchemists, stands at the door of the Sahasrara chakra and knocks:

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” (Rev 3:20)

typically, the Christ force stands at the portal uninvited into the sanctum sanctorum. This is because its presence is usually unacknowledged and the way for its entry obstructed and hindered by impurities, psychic toxins, as a consequence of a materialistic life style and arrangement; Other factors also prevent the Christ force from entering the brain to densify into Christ substance or Ros and to have a spiritual effect upon the lower aspects of the microcosm. These are:

1) An unpurified blood stream.

2) Unresponsive chakras.

3) An unconstructed antahkarana or spiritual channel between the Ego–the Spiritual Triad, and the Quarternary.

We consequently, invite the Christ into our system by purification of the chakras, nadis, and bloodstream; and a change in the life-style that is uncompletely to the spiritual life. The latter builds the antahkarana (we will elaborate upon this later).

As we have said before, brain-dews are the condensations of the Christ force or ethers of the higher planes. The bloodstream, as the means of the Ego, determines an individual’s spiritual state, as understood metaphysically. The more Christ substances are assimilated into the blood, the greater will be the body’s etherealization and perfection. It should be noted, however, that the body will absorb only as much Christ substance as the state of an individual’s consciousness would allow. It should also be realized that unless the brain-dews mixes with the Chrism oil, it would simply evaporate and leave no effect upon the whole organism. Love and its manifold expressions greatly increases one’s ability to assimilate the Christ substance. Ros, the condensed fluid of the Christ substance, is believed to impregnate saliva in an adulterated form; the saliva of spiritual people, are consequently said to possess therapeutic and rejuvenative qualities. This can be seen in the gospel stories of the Master Jesus healing the blind with his spittle. Certain Sufi methods of healing also use the spittle.

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