Managing Momentum

Managing Momentum

March was unbelievable! 20/26 reps had personal bests! …April was unbelievable in addition, but for the wrong reason. I don’t know what happened?

Momentum is an interesting and fickle thing to manage in any business. If we allow it to come and go, we lose the possible gains that it offers. As leaders, we must watch for signs of momentum and leverage the opportunity into additional sales and profitability for the operation. A associate of good days in a row, several sales that go our way because of a new procedure, invigorating training programs, and multiple people coming off a good month or week can all be the momentum builders.

We have a great opportunity when reps or managers return from training re-energized and turn that excitement into results (already small ones) as they begin to implement ideas they learned. It is in these moments that we must act swiftly and s.m.a.r.t.-ly. As people tell you “what went well,” get them to record it, and ask them to repeat the behavior on the next interaction and continue throughout the days to come. Observe, compliment and reinforce. rule!

When you see or feel momentum starting to move your sales team, it signals opportunity and method you must act quickly. This is a time for leadership.

– Reinforce the causes and concepts of the momentum with an enthusiastic response, positive talk and “leading” by example.

– Catch people doing things right by praising and recognizing profitable behaviors, and encouraging continued success.

– Follow by to see that they are truly “executing on the ideas.”

– Capture the success stories in writing and send them around your organization exhorting others to do the same.

– Meet and Conf. call often to keep up people at all levels accountable to executing on the ideas that will make them (and the company) successful.

– Have each rep set S.M.A.R.T.(Specific, assessable, Attainable, applicable and Timebound) goals in writing and attach specific Action Steps to each objective.

– rule!

Don’t stop…when reps hit small hills, momentum can slow…do something to hit the accelerator and strength over the hill. Work side-by-side with them for a few hours, motivate with a contest or a daily challenge, review proper behaviors, great number a high-energy, morning sales meeting with coffee, OJ, donuts and bagels. I know one manager who breaks out the shot glasses and offers everybody on his team a Red Bull shooter around 2pm. They toast enormous success before closing time! Have the team call some recent customers to: check satisfaction, generate accessory/characterize sales, sell add-ons and ask for referrals. rule!

If you are a manager and your company has invested in training for you and your team, it is basic to maximize the time and money invested. Leaders know that average people need help turning ideas into actions — actions into results — and results into momentum. Momentum fuels growth and sets new standards of achievement. It also builds excitement and enthusiasm which can fuel a fire throughout your organization.

So the next time you “feel” something changing for the positive at your company, remember that YOU, the manager, are the main catalyst in creating positive changes. You have the strength to create, stall or ACCELERATE the momentum of your sales team. Take that thought into tomorrow and “hit the gas!”

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