Meaning Of Each Tarot Card – Secrets Revealed

Meaning Of Each Tarot Card – Secrets Revealed

At some point, we all begin to question our future. Where am I going with my life? Decisions have to be made regarding marriage, career, children, and many other important aspects of life. Do I accept this position? Will I be happy with this person the rest of my life? How long before I can buy a new automobile?

This is also when we can seek insight from psychics, astrologers, or tarot card readers. It is popular belief that such different practitioners can look in to our future and suggest certain ways to deal with the situation were facing. In this article, we will begin an introduction to the tarot cards and the meaning of each card, to assist you in understanding the value of a reading.

We all have heard of tarot cards, havent we? But what are these tarot cards and what is the meaning of each card? A tarot deck is comprised of a set of cards beautified with universal images and old signs which vividly represent the essence of ancient knowledge, teachings, archetypes, etc. The deck includes what are called the Major Arcana and four suits of cards. Each tarot card has a very special meaning that contributes to the overall message of a tarot reading.

In the tarot deck, the Fool card indicates someone who is not truly aware; the Magician indicates someone of great talent; the High Priestess indicates someone who is both wise and in possession of intuition; The Empress rules over the triad of birth, death, and re-birth, while the Emperor is the symbol of control in the world. The Pope indicates someone who lives by rituals and beliefs. The Lovers represent love; the Chariot is the symbol of struggle; and Strength speaks for itself. The Hermit is one who is a soul-searcher; the Sun indicates contentment; and finally, the Moon is a feminine, seductive symbol.

The Pentacles suit is associated with materialistic things like money and luxury, while the Wands tarot suit is used for work-related predictions. The Swords suit is used for predictions in addition, but for mental changes and sufferings. If youre interested in hope, then youll want to see the Star suit appear. Lastly, the Cups mirror how a person is emotionally, in addition as any other emotional changes.

The card of Justice stands for justice while the card of Death stands for the spiritual/mental death. Self sacrifice is shown by the Hanged Man. The Tower symbolizes a sudden change. Balance and harmony are represented by the card of Temperance. Judgment stands for introspection. All these cards rule to the card of the World.

After looking at the meaning of each tarot card, we want to know how anyone learns to read them. expert of the skills to read tarot cards involves current study, practice, and the use of a sharp intuition. How valid and complicate a reading is depends on the skill of the reader. To help you start the learning course of action more easily, you should find a website offering a free tarot card reading.

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