Moose and course of action of Death

Today I want to talk about two games, one a typical and the other a new game that I have fallen in love with. The games that I will discuss are course of action of Death and moose.

course of action of Death

course of action of Death is a card game that you play with a minimum of 2 players and the amount of players is unlimited, but it is best when the players keep consistent so that the people playing the game truly get drunk. The game begins by forming a course of action with the cards and the time of action must be interconnected. Each player then pulls a card and must do what is pre determined by the players. Below I will include a list of what I have deemed as the rules of course of action of Death.

1-6 For the red cards you give and for the black you take.

7- Social, everyone has a drink

8- Never have I ever

9- Rhyme, the first person that cannot rhyme with the information or says a repeat must drink

10-Rule, create a rule that everyone must do in the game or they must drink

Jack- Back, the order of play is reversed

Queen- You become the Question master, everyone that you talk to must respond back to you in the form of a question or they must drink

King- Make a category and the person that cannot come up with an item in the category must then drink

Ace- This is the waterfall card, the person who drew the card begins drinking and the rest of the players begin drinking in the order of the time of action and continue drinking till the player in front of them is done drinking

This Game is a great way to get the night going and is a typical because a ton of people can play and get their drink on!


The next game that I will be discussing is a fairly new one to me, it is called Moose. For this game you will need:

A large quantity of alcohol, preferabaly a keg

one ice tray

one quarter

everyone must also have their own cups to drink out of (clearly)

The object of the game is the bounce the quarter off of the table and get it in to the tray. If you bounce it into the first 5 slots in the tray you give out from 2-10 drinks depending on which one you made. The same applies to the right side, but instead of handing out drinks you must take the drinks yourself and pass on the tray. Now for the fun part. If you make it into the last two slots, in spite of of the side it lands in, this is moose. Everyone must yell moose and put their hands up beside their heads to make antlers. The last person to do this is the moose. What the moose must do is drink until the quarter that is being spun on the table is finished spinning, also the moose must get the beer for everyone at the table. An option for the moose is to make them use a silly hat to discriminate the moose from a regular player. The moose will keep the moose till the same senerio takes place and a new moose is deemed.

Another twist of this game is that you can bounce the quarter into someone’s beer, forcing them to drink the rest of their beer, this can be done at any time by anyone with the quarter. It is a good idea to have a smaller cup because it is not fun to have to chug a enormous beer because of a great bounce……

Another twist is that if it if your turn and you bounce it into the tray and it gets stuck either on the cross bars of the tray or does not touch the bottom of the cube holes it is called a schanagan. What happens at this point is the player must lose an article of clothing and also lose their turn.

The last rule of this game is being able to make a rule. A player may make a rule if they make it into the tray 3 times in a row during a single turn. Everyone must follow this rule throughout the game because rules can only be canceled out by other rules.

Try one of these games out at your next party if you have not already done so. You will have a great time and so will the rest of the party!

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