Motorists warned of weather unpredictability as cold conditions are fo…

Motorists have been warned of hail storms as further winter weather is forecast over the next week.

As reported in The Irish Times, motorists have been warned about the “unpredictability and localised character” of sudden hail storms as Ireland is set for very cold conditions in the coming days.

The Road Safety Authority has issued advice around the dangers of hailstones as Met Éireann has forecast hail showers during the rest of this week and into the weekend.

According to Met Éireann, conditions will turn cold and blustery on Tuesday night with a mix of clear spells and showers, some heavy with a risk of hail, especially in the west and northwest.

Lowest temperatures are set to be between 4-7 degrees with sometimes strong and gusty northwest winds.

Wednesday will feel very cold, according to Met Éireann, with wind and sunny spells expected, along with distributed blustery showers and a risk of hail.

Conditions for hail are also forecast for Wednesday night as showers of rain or sleet are expected, however they are mostly confined to northern and western coasts and easing as the night progresses.

Frost is likely to develop in many areas, especially over the eastern half of the country.

With wintery weather ahead, drivers have been told to be on their guard. The RSA has advised people to reduce their speed without breaking if possible. Motorists are also asked to warn others by using danger lights.

People are also advised to excursion slowly in a high gear to help tyres continue grip and accelerate and brake very gently.

With icy conditions forecast, the RSA has said motorists should excursion slowly on bends where loss of control is likely.

Drivers are also advised to make sure their tyres are fit for purpose and not below the legal minimum tread thoroughness (1.6mm) and to ensure they are inflated correctly to cope with challenging driving conditions.

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