Never Get Bored

Never Get Bored

Dearest Darling Readers,

Life is boring when I want to be idle and am silently screaming for attention.

Life is interesting when I actively pursue something with an open mind, giving it my undivided attention.

Have you heard these words from people, ‘I am getting sooooooo bored. Ughhhhh. Don’t know what to do. Nothing is interesting.’

What to do when you are getting bored?

There are so many things that are demanding attention from you. Some of them are ordinary, all around us, however so amazingly beautiful. Don’t miss them.

Listen to a lovely song, where a lover’s heart felt melancholy, serenades the listeners.

As you listen, go all out and sing as if the song is picturized on you.

Watch the shapes of the clouds in the monsoon skies. Can you find something in those shapes? A confront? An alphabet? An object? A map? Who knows what you might find…

Observe the watchman, with a stubby confront, sitting listlessly on his stool, alternatively yawning away gloriously and squatting away the flies as they dance around him. Its so funny.

Notice, the autorickshawala reading the local gossip newspaper for the umpteenth time as he waits for a fare. Think about the life he lives, the interesting people he meets, and the struggles he faces everyday. What would you do differently?

The chair in your house! Have you ever imagined who would have first ‘invented’ the chair? Have you realised its beauty? The science and the art within it? Its a combination of physics, chemistry, design, psychology, utility and much more…

Someone’s balcony! Now be a little naughty. There are so many interesting things there. It tells us something about people living in that house. Have you ever made balcony friends?

Birds! I can get totally absorbed in the birds as they fly, swoop, perch on a wire with that unbelievable balance, satisfy their child, return to the nest, make formations in the air, never meet with an accident, with each other, while in flight etc. They always inspire me.

Look at your old photographs, grimace and guffaw, as the case may be.

Call a friend you have been meaning to call for ages. Now.

Take a glorious beauty bath with those aroma therapy oils that you purchased and haven’t used however. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Sing a song… with freedom. Forget about what people will think about you. Let them KNOW about you. Sing to BE free.

Make faces facing the mirror. At yourself. This facial gymnastics is simply superb. I love doing it. It makes me laugh. It will get a smile to your confront.

Dance away shamelessly with your favorite person as your imaginary partner. Make those moves you don’t want anyone watch you doing. Oooo la la… Cheers.

Appreciate someone who is not expecting it at all.

My mother says, ‘Clean your drawers in the cup board’. This is so motherish, isn’t it? I don’t know, why they are nevertheless called cup boards.

My neighbor who teaches English says, ‘Enjoy language in all its versatility. Did you know, fat chance and slim chance average the same. Incredible, isn’t it?’ Wow. My darling readers, do you know of more like these. Do mail them to me.

My daughter Jo says, ‘Go for a relaxing massage’.

I suggest to my wife, ‘Cook something that delights you or delights someone who method a lot to you.’ I give her a sideway to peek briefly to see if she has got the message. She completely ignores it. Catch dropped.

My wife indicates, ‘Give someone a relaxing massage.’ She looks straight at me. Her eyes are dancing as if saying, ‘Ummm, it might rule to some things, you know… have enough time with you.’ I am clean bowled.

My son says, ‘Read… ‘.

My colleague Dr Ashish says, ‘Go for a loooong excursion. Put music complete blast on. Keep the phones on silent mode. Have the time of your life.’


Imagine anything… Imagine you are superman. Imagine you are the next James Bond. Imagine, you are Richie high! Imagine you are Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai. Imagine anything dahhhhlings… Feel FREE to imagine and stay lost in it for sometime. Maybe by getting lost, you will find yourself.

Eat a SMALL portion of something you love to eat. Small portion!!!

Go for a walk

Watch a James Bond kind of an adventure movie.

So on and so forth…

To complete this discussion, there are a few things that you should never do when you are bored…

Over eat Junk food.


Channel Surfing,

Drink alcohol


These will leave you already more drained and bored.

Do let me know what exciting, stress busting, energy firing, adrenaline surging things you did when are bored. It will be fun to read about what you do. I will feel I know you more. Maybe you will feel, you know yourself a little more.

Life is never boring. We are. May you live a very very interesting life.

With loads of love, prayers and best wishes,

Narendra Goidani

As I Live… I Learn

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