Oman’s COVID-19 Numbers In Rapid Decline

Oman’s COVID-19 numbers in rapid decline

Oman’s premier Royal Hospital announced that for the first time in 18 months, its COVID-19 department was free of patients. The hospital did not have any patients with coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

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Oman’s Ministry of Health also confirmed in its statement today that no deaths were recorded for the fifth consecutive day, with a meaningful decline in the number of inpatients and the infected. The Ministry of Health announced that as per reports, Oman had a total of 39 COVID-19 situations today.

Speaking to Gulf News, Dr Dilip Sanghvi, Internal Medicine specialist at Apollo Hospital Muscat said flu situations are on the rise now as this is the time of the year, the flu symptoms arise due to change of weather. “Symptoms for normal flu or seasonal viral flu, which in medical terms is called influenza, are almost the same as COVID-19. Fever, cold, headache, body pains (more in COVID-19), sneezing, runny nose (not seen in COVID-19), cough … are the typical symptoms that you will notice if you get the seasonal flu.”

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