Overnight Success? I Laugh

Overnight Success? I Laugh

success don’t just happen, it has to be start. Most things we call overnight success are truly “over-years” success. The future we once expected is today. Today is the product of of all we have been doing in the past.

Those that want strong and healthy teeth tomorrow should brush their teeth very well today, successful people work while others rest, they study while others sleep, they take action while others observe.

True success is complete of denial of immediate self-gratification. You cannot eat your cake and have it back unless you are a thief. And already when you are a thief, you simply steal another cake that looks like yours but not exactly. Most people waste their time instead of invest it and nevertheless expect consequence.

Show me a man you think is an overnight success and i will show you an “over-years” planner and executioner. Is as simple as this.- what you sow is what you reap. If you have been feeding yourself with the false ideology of anything like overnight success, my advice is that you better wake up from your slumber before it is too late.

There is this story of a young teenager who walked into the office of a teen counsellor to be counselled. She has an exam to write four days prior to this counselling session and wanted this counsellor to tell her what to do to pass the exam. In reply, the experienced counsellor simply asked her to tell him what to do to make a four day old baby talk and walk. She was speechless for about two minutes before she finally replied; that’s not possible, babies need time to develop and closest, she realised she needs to study and nurture her knowledge long before the actual exams. She left the counsellors’ office feeling fulfilled.

Though she did not go for that particular exam but, she learnt a big lesson of always setting her success in motion. Termites as small as they are understands this rule of setting their success in motion long before it truly become a reality. They plan ahead of time, they gather all that they needed to build. That is why you wake up one morning to find ant-hill in front of your house. That is the consequence of their years of planning.

I challenge you by this simple fact that Termites plan, to find that motivation you need to set that your success in motion. remember that little drops of water ultimately makes an ocean. Get Motivated, Stay motivated and enjoy all the “overnight” success of life.

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