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According to life-between-life research involving past life

regression, souls can decide to stay on “the other side” rather

than come back for another lifetime, especially if they’ve

worked by all of their karma during past lifetimes

(which is very uncommon). Or they may decide to learn their

lessons in other ways or help others on earth from the other

side. But seemingly, most souls are eager to return to Earth

to play the roles they were born to star in.

Know that this is not a personality decision. On a personality

level, you might be dreading every day on this planet, in addition

on a soul level, you understand the more spiritual reasons

for why you’re here and what you’re experiencing. Sometimes

you are not supposed to know the big picture before the time

is right, as there may be lessons in the time of action that wouldn’t

be learned if you were fully aware of your situation. As you

become more aware of yourself and your life, you may find

yourself perceiving the deeper reasons for life’s experiences.

Most people cannot remember if they’ve been here enough

already, but some with very strong psychic and mediumship

abilities may receive strong impressions that this may be one

of the last ones.

Of course, many people say this is their last lifetime, but

how do they really know that? Perhaps they feel they are

a very old soul, but that could just average they took many

lifetimes to get where they are today, not that they have

balanced all necessary karma. Or maybe they may feel

they’re ready to move beyond earth, and that they’re

spiritually aware enough to break the cycle of reincarnation.

Frankly, it often seems like wishful thinking in the hope

that they don’t have to persevere any more earthly challenges

and can instead just enjoy life in “heaven.” We can relate

to that, as life on this planet is not easy. In fact, it’s commonly

believed to be one of the more difficult places to incarnate.

The best way to make sure you finish your lifetimes here on

earth as quickly as possible and, ultimately, enjoy more of the

good things in life, is to “do the right thing” from now on, in

every situation.

In reality, most people don’t know for certain if they’ve

completed all of their karmic lessons or not, and on a soul

level, they may already be planning out many more future

lifetimes. Considering Earth isn’t the only place (or

size) where people incarnate (there are billions

of stars like our Sun with likely millions, if not billions,

of inhabitable planets in this universe), and that life in

this universe has existed for eons, it’s reasonable to consider

that souls typically have more lifetimes than you can count,

not only 300 or fewer as some Eastern religions suggest.

There seems to be some confusion in today’s society

about what exactly creates negative karma. Based on our

experiences with 1000s of past life regressions, here is what

we’ve found.

Some actions that generate negative karma include the


*murder, already if you are not caught, unless it’s in self


*stealing, already if you are not caught and no matter how

you justify it

*telling a lie that hurts someone else in any way, already if you

are not caught and already if you believe your own lie

*deliberately hurting someone in any way

*not doing the “right thing,” afterward causing someone

else to suffer in any way

*resenting someone; your anger may cause you to be

confronted with similar circumstances in the future

until you learn to forgive and if applicable, take

responsibility for your part of the conflict

*incurring addiction, if it hurts you or anyone around


*disrespecting yourself to the point of personal harm (such

as being a martyr); yes you can gain good karma by helping

others by martyrdom, but you nevertheless may have to balance

a without of self-respect

Some situations that are oftentimes believed to produce

negative karma, but do not, include the following:

*making, or otherwise acquiring a lot of money, as long as

you do so honestly

*having a lot of money and not giving a lot away to charities;

the world is not your responsibility, in addition of course you gain

karmic credits or in some situations, pay back karmic debts by

helping others, and besides, it feels good

*lying to protect someone, as long as you’re not hurting

someone else in the time of action, or helping that person you’re

protecting to dodge taking responsibility for their actions

*breaking up with a partner, as long as you are not

deliberately doing anything to hurt them in the

course of action; their resistance and difficulty with it is not your


*divorce, as long as you take care of your responsibilities

and leave peacefully

*having sex without being married, as long as you do not

deliberately hurt anyone (or yourself) in the time of action

*practicing non-monogamy, as long as you are honest with

everyone involved, are acting responsibly, and do not

deliberately hurt anyone in the time of action

*accidentally hurting someone in any way, but any guilt

could cause you to experience a reaction in the future if

you don’t let go of it


*prostitution, as long as it’s between two consenting adults

and you are not deliberately hurting anyone in the time of action

*exceeding the speed limit, although any associated guilt

may create karmic ties

*having a few drinks, although if done regularly enough in

excess, you’re disrespecting and hurting yourself, consequently

incurring negative karma

*being a single parent or having a child outside of marriage,

as long as you provide for the child and be the best parent

you can be

*refusing to give in to others’ “shoulds” (“you should do this

or that”); it’s your life and you know what’s best for your highest

good; as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else you’re

free to live your life as you desire

By the way, confessing to a priest or praying for forgiveness

will not excuse you from any negative karma you’ve produced.

Also, it’s debatable whether or not practicing self-forgiveness

will completely get you off the hook, since your future karmic

circumstances are determined by your soul, not your personality.

No one, no matter how psychic or spiritual they are, can

cheat karma and avoid future negative consequences if they

don’t “do the right thing.” Everyone needs to return to school

house Earth (or a similar place) until they’ve resolved all their

karma and paid all their dues. If you, at any time, do not “do

the right thing,” in most situations, you’re essentially buying a

round trip ticket back to this planet for another life to persevere

your tests again. Admittedly, “doing the right thing” sometimes

seems all but impossible for many due to the forces of personal

fate; people will behave in accordance with their level of

awareness more often than not, not as they “could” to

minimize karmic consequences, but at the minimum you know

that ultimately it’s up to you take the high road to avoid

accumulating additional negative karma.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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