Patent course of action Outsourcing in India – Emerging Trends

Patent course of action Outsourcing in India – Emerging Trends

Legal course of action Outsourcing (LPO), a forte sector within the Knowledge course of action Outsourcing (KPO) space, is attracting international law firms who are outsourcing legal work to India. Within the LPO industry, it is patent outsourcing, which is catching up faster than the rest of LPO jobs. While major firms in the US quote up to $15,000 for preparing and filing a patent application, companies based in India deliver the same work for $2,500-3,500 in India. This allows companies to file additional patents within the same budgets.

India’s participation in the outsourcing market has been exceptional in the last decade. Both, overseas customers and Indian entrepreneurs regularly search for newer areas to render specialized and commercial sustain at reasonable costs with quick turnaround. The Indian involvement in the patent-related market is nevertheless in a nascent stage. In my view, it will soon take off – especially since India has many lawyers and already more people in science and engineering flows. A marriage between them will surely sustain the patent-market.

Patent outsourcing includes literature searches, prior art searches, technology and patentability assessment, infringement, FTO, Ideation, IP Valuation, patent proof reading, patent claim mapping, drafting response to objections by US examiners, preparing/filing/prosecuting trademark applications, infringement studies, other IP litigation, IP asset management, Patent mining and administration.

During the last few years dozens of Indian outsourcing sets firms has emerged and most of them are making good business. These firms offer variety of patent related research.

Technology changes rapidly and it is often difficult to keep track of all the trends swirling on the Internet, all the ideas bubbling in academia, and the range of innovations you and your competitors are working on. The outsourcing firms provide complex service to track technology trends, juxtaposing academic research, market data and patent filings information worldwide. Cheers , with an exception help you put together your technology roadmap and clarify innovation partners around the world, along with other IP sets. IP scenery Reports are detailed “as is” examination of an existing technology. These reports cover general scenery on areas of research and development – such as an complete product category – that are basic to the clients. These reports are based on examination of several hundreds or already thousands of patents and other unstructured information.

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