Pesky Termites – Need Clever Treatment To Keep Them under control

Pesky Termites – Need Clever Treatment To Keep Them under control

It is no surprise that anyone who owns a house sometimes surprise where all the critters come from when they can see so much damage is being done to the place. Dust and bits of debris typically heralds some damage being done but there is usually no sign of the pest that is doing it. Indeed, already the signs can be missed if the householder does not look carefully and before too long, the house starts to show signs of weakness. For those who want to find out more about this kind of problem, and for those who want to get it treated, try searching for something like ‘Northern Kentucky termite’ or ‘termite’ online to see what is obtainable close by.

These creatures are just doing what comes naturally of course. That is, feeding the colony with cellulose which is found in wood. Whether the wood is an old tree or a priceless antique really does not concern the pest since all they know is that the colony has to be fed. This never-ending search for food takes them very far away from the nest, by tunnels that they have built themselves, and once they have found the food source, they lay down a scent for others to follow.

Clever exterminators have realized the natural behavior of these little pests and have started to use this against them. This inventive way of using a behavior pattern to cure the problem is not new by any standards, but in this case, it seems to work extremely well.

In days gone by, exterminators would try to find the colony so that they could destroy the queen. However, this proved to be extremely difficult because not only is the nest very thorough in the ground, it can also be about a kilometer or so from where the pests are eating their way by a house. Given this range it could be impossible to track the creatures back to where they live and this is why they are so successful in surviving.

However, there are two main ways which stop the creatures from eating their way by our house and home. One is to dig a thorough trench all round the home and fill it with gallons of toxic chemicals to form a obstacle which they cannot cross. Although this has been the accepted method for many years, some people do not like the thought of disrupting their prized gardens for this kind of course of action to be done.

The other way is to sink in tubes all round the home, again in one complete course of action, and using these to sink bait to where the pests will come into contact with it. The clever thing about this method is that the insects will carry the poison back to the colony and ultimately the queen will succumb. After she dies, the whole colony will be finished since she is the only one who will lay eggs to keep the colony going.

Either method works but some would prefer the non invasive method since these tubes can keep in situ for future use.

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