Pesticides and ADHD: Organic Alternatives

Pesticides and ADHD: Organic Alternatives

Finally, a new study in the Pediatrics journal proves what we have always feared – pesticide exposure is among the many ADHD causes in children. Children are especially unprotected to the chemicals in pesticides because their immune system is not equipped to protect the body adequately. Due to their lighter body weight, children also consume more pesticide residue than adults.

Once pesticides go into the body, they get broken down into compounds that are excreted by the urine. The study found high levels of pesticides in 94% of the children they tested. Additionally, these kids were found to have an increased risk of ADHD than children with low levels of pesticides.

How exactly do children get exposed to pesticide residue? It’s possible that they have eaten fruits or vegetables sprayed with pesticides, inhaled it in the air, or drunk it in water. Children who live in the city are likely to have gotten exposed by polluted food. For If you have a garden or a farm at home and use pesticides to keep bugs under control, it’s likely that this is how your child got exposed. Here are some ways you can keep bugs away from your garden or farm without using pesticides:

Fine netting

A fine net like cheese cloth can protect growing seeds from chewing insects, keep flying insects from laying eggs, and keep birds out. Simply place it over the seedling bed and weigh it down with rocks.


Hatching larvae have a nasty habit of burrowing into the soil that surrounds plants and seedlings. To prevent this, use a collar made of heavy plastic, tar paper, or stiff paper. Cut a foot square and fit it snugly around the plant’s stem. Press into the soil until it is an inch thorough.

Coffee tin

Trap insects that don’t fly by burying a coffee tin can in the garden bed, with the can’s lip barely peeking out of the soil surface. They will fall into the can and cannot get out. Make sure that you empty the can often.

Homemade garlic spray

Garlic does an excellent job of keeping pests away. Chop 3-4 ounces of garlic bulbs and soak it in 2 tablespoons of mineral oil overnight. Get a tablespoon of fish emulsion and dissolve this in a pint of water. Mix this to the garlic solution. Stir and strain the liquid into a glass container. Dilute one part of this solution for 20 parts of water. The garlic pesticide should kill mosquitoes, aphids, and onion flies.

Boric acid

Boric acid is a natural insecticide that kills roaches, fleas, grasshoppers, ants, and termites. It also roles as a fungicide and gets rid of fungi and molds.

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