Plant Resue

Plant Rescue Bug Killer is an easy to use plant spray that is designed to treat and prevent invasive insects on a wide variety of flowering plants. A leading name in pest control and fertilization products. Plant Rescue Bug Killer terminates bugs on contact and is designed to provide systemic protection for your plants from further infestations for up to twelve weeks. The product is harmless to use on nearly all plants and is designed to encourage healthy growth in ornamental plants with an additional fertilizer that has been specially designed for flowering plants.

Uses for Plant Rescue

This bug Killer has been designed to battle nearly all of the major insect pests affecting ornamental plants, including red spider mights, white flies, mealy, thirps and aphid scales. Unlike most plant insecticides, Westland’s Bug Killer is designed to be used on both indoor house plants in addition as most outdoor ornamentals. Because this product comes in such a functional ready to use spray and can be used on virtually all plants, Plant Rescue Bug Killer is the ideal solution for the casual plant lover who is just looking for a quick and easy solution to his or her insect infestation problems.

Application Directions

While many of the more traditional methods of address insect problems with ornamental plants require a person to mix together a number of different chemicals and carefully apply the solution to the plants that require treatment, the application directions for Bug Killer could not be more easy. As soon as a plant owner has noticed the tell tale signs of infestation, he or she can simply spray Plant Rescue Bug Killer over the affected area and wait for the product to work its magic. One spray is usually all that it takes to get things under control, and an individual knows that the application is complete once all of the leaves are a little bit damp. Some insects are a little more stubborn that others, so it may be necessary to reapply Plant Rescue Bug Killer one or two more times in order to kill off all pests like aphids, mealy bugs and white fly.

Active elements

The two active elements in Plant Rescue are Thiamethomax and Abamectin. Thiamethomax is one of the most shared insecticides currently used on the planet and acts by disturbing the central nervous system of insects while presenting very little toxicity in humans. Abamectin is usually used by average consumers to control fire ants but has a long history of use in the control of agricultural pests.

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