Positive Thinking Versus Right Thinking – A Difference In View Point

Let’s examine not only what positive thinking is, but what it really takes to change your thoughts and feelings, which is not only positive thought, but also to be more scientific, what should be called ‘right’ thought. Right thinking is the meaningful, not just a positive attitude or wishful thought. Right thinking is scientific; it is adhering to Universal Laws. Of course, in that case, you have to know what the Universal Laws are.

Positive thinking is the first correct step in the right direction. This mental attitude sees the glass half complete and not half empty. It refills the empty space in the glass when it falls low, and it looks for the good and the uplifting awareness under all circumstances. A positive mind trusts and has faith; it’s not skeptical and cynical. It will do the best job it can do, because it wants to please. A positive mind is kind and loving and will be generous with its time and its commitments. It will take care of itself because it knows that a positive outlook will invigorate its daily life.

A positive mind also affects its health with its fresh and cheerful demeanor. It feels well and empowered and not drained from all the negativity. When you love your life you will want to proportion with your family and friends, and you want to be more active and involved. Positive people will reach their goals and not get discouraged when they don’t succeed the first time. They are persistent and attract people that are on their optimistic frequency.

Now having established the benefits of being positive, let’s examine the phrase ‘Right Thinking’ or ‘Right Thought’. Let’s take a look at the difference in these theories.

Right Thinking is a step above positive thinking, well many steps up the ladder to Understanding, the Truth of Being. Right thinking adheres, as said before, to Universal Laws and conforms to its guidelines.

A positive thinker might say ‘I want to be healthy’, or ‘I am healthy’. A right thought would be ‘I am Health’, and the thinker would know that in reality he/she is an indestructible mental being. A positive thinker might say, ‘I am abundantly supplied’ or ‘I have everything I need’, while the right thinker will say ‘I am Wealth’, and know that the Universe provides everything he/she wants and needs.

Make no mistake; it also takes thorough conviction and diligent study. Once the right thinker really knows that ‘it is so’ he will be supplied with an abundance of great measures. This is not wishful or positive thinking, it is the Truth of Being and this truth will manifest itself by the right thinker’s correct application of this truth.

Other positive thoughts include ‘I will be kinder, nicer, more giving, and then the thinker goes on and thinks and acts like that way for a while, slipping back to old behaviors ever so often. The right thinker knows that there is an immediate punishment (cause and effect) to his mistakes, and consequently he will make sure that he weighs his thoughts and actions carefully. There is no room for error. Universal Laws are not personal. They do not choose, reward or punish. They simply are. You can choose to to follow them and get your rewards by bliss and happiness, living a harmonious life, or you can wander off the straight path and you get your just rewards in form of unhappiness, illness and unpleasant experiences. You are the creator and consequently you will have to take responsibility for your actions.

The good news is that you can start over each day of your life. Each moment is a new beginning. Positive thinking only takes the willingness and desire to act and think better – it’s a mood of joyful expectations. It’s a wonderful way of life with many rewarding experiences; certainly worth the effort and necessary steps in achieving the goal of right thinking.

Right Thinking, however, takes complete commitment to daily study and practice of the Truth. It takes all the dedication you can muster up. Mind (consciously and sub-consciously), choice, right reason, and wisdom – all have to be aligned. Unfoldment from within is your purpose on this plane and is the ultimate goal and only road to heaven.

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