Potty Training By Noon

Potty Training By Noon

As the parent of a toddler, I’ll bet you just can’t WAIT for the day when you won’t have to change another diaper. It just can’t get here fast enough, right?

Potty TrainingI know that when my son was two years old, changing his stinky, loaded diaper was NOT at the top of my “Things I Love Most About Motherhood” list!

Let’s confront it…our children provide us with many beautiful, life-long memories, but the weight and smell of pee- and poop-soaked diapers won’t be one of them! Not to mention the incredible expense – diapers can cost $80, $100, or MORE each month!

Here’s the thing, though. While you look forward to the day when your little angel will use “big boy” or “big girl” underpants, you’re also just not sure about how (or when!) to potty-aim your child. Don’t worry, though, because you are NOT alone!

Unfortunately, Everyone Seems to Have a
Different Potty Training Method…

Potty TrainingFor example, you may have heard about the technique where you let your child wander around the house and yard – butt naked! – with the intention that your little one is supposed to have accidents (on himself AND your furniture), at which time you’ll provide “positive discipline” and “reassuring guidance.”

I’ve heard this method called the “Naked and $75 Method” because your child runs around “naked” and you pay “$75” for carpet cleaning when it’s all over…

Sorry, but as a mother, I’m not about to let my child run around naked, peeing and pooping on himself and everything in sight. And I’m pretty sure decent carpet cleaning costs more than seventy-five bucks! Especially when you consider what you’re asking the carpet cleaner to remove…YUCK!

No, to potty-aim your toddler…

EASY, and CHEAP Method…

And preferably, it should be a little-known method that other parents have used quietly -…

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