Private Kent School Embroiled In disguise Exemption Scheme

A private school in Kent has been criticised after the Head of the School asked facemask-exempt students to use the identifying badges according to reports.

Farringtons School in Chislehurst has been condemned by some parents after requesting that students exempt from wearing a confront disguise use a yellow badge – which produces an ‘inappropriate’ similarity to yellow stars Nazis forced condemned Jews to characterize.

The school made confront masks mandatory for students in classrooms and corridors amid concern over rising COVID situations. Headmaster David Jackson wrote a letter to parents explaining that exempt pupils at the £34,000 a year school ‘should use a yellow badge’ and other students should use a confront covering ‘until further notice.’

Head of School – Mr Jackson

Mr Jackson wrote ‘In light of the increase in the number of situations, we have also decided to re-introduce the compulsory wearing of confront masks in classrooms and other confined areas within the senior school, such as corridors… until further notice. Those pupils who were exempt from wearing a disguise last academic year will once again be exempt and should use a yellow badge to indicate this’.

A spokesperson from the school said ‘The rationale for introducing a badge for disguise exempt pupils is so that they are not repeatedly challenged about not wearing a disguise. On walking down a corridor, a teacher can closest see that a disguise is not required and consequently the wearing of a badge was intended to make it easier for those pupils’.

I thought labelling people and making them stand out was unhealthy?

Critics have said that wearing of badges for exempt students is not necessary and the school has ignored the ‘historic connotations’ of yellow badges which condemned Jews were forced to characterize in Nazi-occupied Europe. 

Others thought it is a total over reaction to the schools pro-active way of showing exempt students “It’s a shameful, hurtful and totally unrelated comparison to make. Identifying yourself as exempt as such is in no way whatsoever comparable to what the Nazis did in the ’30s”.

Another person additional “Is it a star of David? No. Is it a star of any description? No. So what’s the connection here”.

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