Protect Your Baby – Information About Corvette Theft

Protect Your Baby – Information About Corvette Theft

Just about every 20 seconds, a car, truck, or van is stolen in the United States. It is very difficult to discourage thieves from targeting your Corvette, and the anti-theft devices simply can’t stop every thief. So, how can I protect my beautiful, cherry red, typical Corvette against these thieves?

The biggest threat to any would-be criminal with his eye on your baby is time. Every second that clicks on his watch is a greater chance of the police or you catching him in the act. Everything you do to ensure that he must use a large amount of time to steal your means will deter him from choosing your Corvette. Generally, thieves will simply move on to some other owners’ means, one that is less risky and less time consuming to steal.

Over the last few years, car thefts have risen about 2 percent per year. Many people feel that a car alarm will help them deter the criminals, but these are easily disabled and often ignored. Some of the best deterrents to grand theft auto are the means disablement device. With this device, any attempt to hot wire the means or steal it will cause the engine to be disabled. Without a running engine, it makes it quite difficult for the thief to excursion away with the fruits of his labor (your car).

means alarms aren’t bad to have on your car, but they do not really deter the progressive car thief. Most thieves can have these disabled and silent within 20 seconds. And think about it, how many times have you heard a car alarm going off, just to ignore it and hope the owner comes out and quiets the thing. Because of the number of false alarms, most people in American simply ignore a car alarm that is sounding, so they have lost most of their effectiveness. nevertheless, having the noisemaker might just attract enough attention to get someone involved who will stop the thief, or it might scare off an amateur criminal.

Most of us carry comprehensive insurance, and this will pay off if your car is stolen. You won’t get your car back, but you will collect a check equal to the retail value of your means. For sports cars, this coverage can get very expensive, and will increase in price if a large number of vehicles are being stolen in the area you live.

Many of us think that the criminals will be caught and prosecuted, so we will ultimately get our vehicles back. Unfortunately, the odds are against us. Only about 15% of the stolen vehicles end up with the criminal being found or prosecuted for the crime. Another issue is car jacking, but thankfully less than 5% of the stolen vehicles are obtained in this manner.

It has been statistically proven that the highest rate of stolen vehicles is in cities nearest to the Mexican or Canadian border. Cities such as Phoenix, AZ, Oakland, CA, San Diego, CA, Tacoma, WA, and Seattle, WA consistently top the annual list of high means theft areas.

Simply stated, we cannot completely prevent the theft of our vehicles, but we can deter them. employing a disablement system, car alarm, or already installing tracking devices, could help prevent your means from being stolen or have it returned to you if it is stolen. The best thing to do is ensure you truly lock your doors and set your alarm. Criminals are looking for the easy to steal and high value vehicles. Don’t let yours be one of them.

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