Rainbow in the Dark lights up Portsmouth during light festival


rainbow in the dark is the centrepiece of a three-day light festival showing across the seaside city of Portsmouth

A team of artists have worked together to create the large-extent projections along with light installations and dance performances across the Hampshire city during the We Shine Portsmouth event.

The Rainbow In The Dark light installation as part of the We Shine Portsmouth light festival (Ben Mitchell/PA Wire)

The rainbow, made using lightly sprayed water and laser projections, has been produced in Victoria Park along with projections of dancing feather dervishes and fireflies in the trees.

A spokeswoman for the We Shine Portsmouth project said of the Rainbow in the Dark, produced by artist Benjamin Clegg and the Mandala Collective: “The two light supplies blend into one hypnotic form that is held on a water screen and hangs in the air in a 3D space with smoke, ever drifting and tumbling.

“The effect is an immersive, playful and joyful experience that never ceases to amaze and bring a moment of magic to people who interact with it. Every location brings out a different perspective to this piece, that almost has a life of its own.

“An ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour is produced within a frame of complete spectrum laser light.”

Portsmouth has also launched the country’s first zebra crossing with LED panels in the road surface which light up to make it more visible to drivers.

The first zebra crossing in the UK that lights up to make pedestrians more visible has been installed in Portsmouth. (Portsmouth City Council/PA Wire)

Councillor Lynne Stagg, Portsmouth City Council’s cabinet member for traffic and transportation, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to enhance road safety and I’m delighted we’re the first place in the UK to use this inventive new technology.

“We chose this crossing because it’s very busy particularly at night with all the bars and restaurants – we want to make the crossing more visible and encourage more people to cross there safely.”

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