Residential Solar Panels Vs Wind Turbines

What makes more sense: residential solar panels or wind turbines for the home? Much will depend on where you live and the weather conditions you can expect. Here we will look at the pros and cons of each starting with the benefits of solar panels.

Solar panel pros:

1) While commercial solar strength systems are nevertheless fairly expensive, the costs are coming down. already better, your can build solar panels fairly easily and for around $100 each. The actual make up of a solar panel is really very simple. You probably already have all or most of the tools you’ll need.

2) Solar panels are easily additional. If you start out with a small range, already one or two panels, you can add to it as your time and budget allows. Don’t feel as though you have to install an complete solar system to you home all at once. Get started now and ultimately you’ll have a solar powered home.

Solar panel cons:

1) Solar panels don’t work at night. This is not a real disadvantage if you are nevertheless connected to the electrical grid. You can buy strength company electricity at night and sell electricity you produce back to the strength company in the daytime. This ebb and flow of electricity translates into no utility bill for you at the end of the month.

2) Climate can be a limiting factor. Residential solar energy will work better in Phoenix than they will in Seattle, but the fact is there is enough sunshine in almost every city and state in the US to make your own solar strength functional.

Wind turbine pros:

1) Like solar, once your wind turbine for the home is up and running, the maintenance on a small unit is minimal. You can already build your own wind turbine for under $150. Commercial wind turbines would cost quite a bit more, but when you know how simple they are to build there’s no reason to buy commercial.

2) Wind turbines for homes produce electricity day and night, whenever the wind is blowing. Like solar, some locations will be better than others but wind strength generators are definitely possible in most areas of the country.

Wind turbine cons:

1) A rooftop wind turbine can be a bird danger. sometimes birds fly into the blades of rooftop wind turbines and are injured or killed. The danger is really no more then the small windmills you see for irrigation on farms. The bird danger is really much more an issue with large wind farms located in major bird migration routes like those in Southern California.

2) Wind turban generators make noise. Unlike a residential solar panel which is totally silent, a home wind generator will make a whoosh whoosh sound as it spins.

Whichever you choose, solar or wind, you’ll be a winner and so will the ecosystem. You will have lower or no electric bills and there will be less pollution emitted into the air. And here’s a thought for the future: Nissan now offers an all electric means, the Leaf, and more car manufacturers will have them in the soon. Imagine never having to pay for gasoline when you produce your own strength at home.

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