Review of the Stun Master SM-FLEX Telescopic Stun Baton

Review of the Stun Master SM-FLEX Telescopic Stun Baton

The Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton SM-FLEX is designed to ward off attackers by the touch of the device on any part of the body. It’s in a class of self-defense products known as non-lethal deterrents. The manufacturer claims it will transmit it’s shock effect by 1/2 inch of clothing. It is rated at 800,000 volts which puts it at the upper echelon of strength. These and all other stun devices rely upon high voltage to conquer the resistance of the human body and low amperage to keep the administration safe and the effects permanent.

The Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton is a rechargeable unit that comes with a plug-in re-charger. It also comes with an integrated flashlight and alarm in addition as a holster with belt loop. The manufacturer recommends letting the device run down before re-charging. The unit carries a life-time warranty.

The stun baton closed is 12 3/4 inches long. The widest part is at the integrated light which is 2 3/4 inches across. The circumference of the shaft at its base is 5 inches. Fully extended, the baton measures 21.5 inches. The unit weighs just over one pound. The baton is black with two chrome side rails along the shaft. The expanded telescopic part is in three sections, each bit smaller so they nestle inside each other when collapsed. The manager is ridged for a positive grip.

The three controls on the baton are easily accessed when holding it. There is a rocker switch which arms and disarms the unit. By your index finger is a ridged oval switch which serves double duty. You press this to first expand the baton. It expands quickly with a decided break. Then this switch will activate the stun effect as long as you keep up it down. The third switch by your thumb turns on the flashlight in the first position. Push it further and the siren goes off. The flashlight is bright and the siren gives off a very piercing wail. For safety, there is a small plastic set piece lying in this switch canal. You must remove this to function the switch.

You collapse the unit by pushing in on the shafts till it seats. It’s all very well thought out. That’s a good thing because you don’t want to be hampered by a poor design when you have to react in a hurry under duress. Also noteworthy is the fact that the complete length of the metal rails is electrified. If the attacker tries to grab the Telescopic Stun Baton from you, he will be shocked. The shock will not move to you if the attacker is touching you.

The included black vinyl holster is a thoughtful addition. The collapsed shaft end goes into the holster while a Velcro loop above fastens around the base of the manager. Because the unit is so light, a night watchman or security guard could use this around a belt with no discomfort.

This is a handsome unit with impressive features. Expandable/collapsible stun batons have an advantage over hand held rectangular stun devices. With those you must be very close to your attacker to apply the charge. (Hand-helds are typically 6-8 inches tall.) With a maximum range of 21.5 inches and with an outstretched arm, you could ward off your assailant from 3 to 4 feet from your body. That’s a definite tactical advantage.

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