Robert Pattinson Removed Henry Cavill From Twilight

“Twilight” author Stephanie Meyer wanted Henry Cavill to play Edward in the movie adaptations.

When you think of the ‘Twilight’ franchise, you can only picture Robert Pattinson in the role of Edward Cullen. Well, now at the minimum. We have become so accustomed to associating Edward Cullen with Robert Pattinson, that nobody else comes to mind.

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  • How Henry Cavill lost out on playing Edward
  • Does the actor regret being replaced by Robert Pattinson?

But, for Stephanie Meyer, the bestselling author of the “Twilight” saga, upon which the movies are based, Edward Cullen is somebody else: Henry Cavill.

Edward Cullen could have been played by Henry Cavill. So, why didn’t he get the role?

How Henry Cavill lost out on playing Edward

seemingly, Henry Cavill’s early career is complete of such misses. He was already supposed to play James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’, but he missed out on that.

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When it comes to starring in ‘Twilight’, he could’ve been cast in it if the films were produced earlier and if Meyer was responsible for casting. Henry Cavill was Meyer’s first choice to play Edward.

Before the casting for the movie had begun, in 2007, Meyer blogged about which actor could play the male rule role. She wrote, “Years have passed, my actors have aged, and I think the time has come to recast the ‘Twilight’ movie. (For fun, of course! I nevertheless have no say in who gets hired.) The most disappointing thing for me is losing my perfect Edward. Henry Cavill is now twenty-four years old. Let us have a moment of quiet in which to mourn …”

How Henry Cavill lost out on playing Edward

The author noted that Cavill was too old to play a 17-year-old vampire when the film was finally being made.

Does the actor regret being replaced by Robert Pattinson?

Fans may be wondering if the fact that Robert Pattinson replaced Henry Cavill in the ‘Twilight’ series bothers Cavill. The actor has achieved a lot of fame and success…now, after so many years. He could’ve attained that fame and success sooner.

The actor is truly thankful for the way his career trajectory has panned out.

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In an interview on “The Graham Norton Show”, the actor said, “Essentially, I got close to a bunch of stuff and didn’t get it, but it’s funny that people think that’s a bad thing”. The actor continues, “In Hollywood — or in the acting industry — everyone’s trying to get a role and they’re not necessarily getting them. And so, to get an opportunity to be in the limelight by missing out on the big roles is truly a good thing as opposed to a bad thing. And I count my lucky stars for each one of those”.

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