Running Ninja Adventure – Android Source Code

Running Ninja Adventure - Android Source Code


Welcome in this absolutely new, amazing and exclusive game listing exclusively here at Codester! This is a really nice one, if you don’t believe just check it out!

Running Ninja Adventure is amazing and huge platform game with many features: more and difficult levels, ads, IAP system, Game Center, sharing options, many enemies and obstacles, animation use the sprite atlas so very easy for custom the new character.

If you like what the Top Grossing games in the App Stores are doing then you will LOVE this game. You will be following one of the biggest game adventure & arcade trends in 2016/2017.



  • All the Graphics in atlases
  • Original and dramatically Soundtracks with all the rights! 
  • complete Original and Updated Source Code 
  • My sustain and assistance with app setup + ads integration for you (if that will be needed) 


  • My BRAND NEW Adventure Platformer Gameplay with new levels, features and physics !!
  •  additional tons of new levels, new strength-ups, features and new physics 
  • Optimized for all android devices, this is a rare GAME (as for tablets as for smartphones) 
  • In-app buy option – Upgrade Button!! – (Remove Ads Function) 
  • Exciting 3 different strength-Ups in the game 
  • Difficult and addictive amazing Ninja Character Gameplay (Fully Animated) !! 
  • INTEGRATED Ad Networks – AdMob, Chartboost, RevMob, Leadbolt, Playhaven, Vungle !!! (TONS OF OPPORTUNITIES RIGHT HERE) 
  • Beautiful and Clean Graphics Designs, All animations and the effects 
  • So Beautiful Soundtracks, Sound effects in value of $50 with all the rights! 
  • Facebook, Twitter, Email, Apps – SHARING OPTIONS from the game! 
  • Google Play Store – REVIEW OPTION from the game! 
  • High Score Leaderboard !! 
  • Game Center INTEGRATED !! 
  • Amazing story, beautiful smooth gameplay with the latest updates !! 
  • So much FUN TO PLAY 
  • rare STUFF!


  • All steps are explained in the tutorial provided with the project step by step instructions.


  • All steps are explained in the tutorial provided with the project step by step instructions. Please read it for more information.
  • Hope you are as excited as me about this one. So let’s get started!

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