Santa Claus – Unity Game Source Code

Santa Claus - Unity Game Source Code


Download demo apk here:

Santa Claus Game 2017 is christmas game, with admob banner and interstitial which you can make money.
This game is with level which you can make your own unlimited level.
In this game all assets is free to use but if you dont like you can change with your assets, and is easy to reskin.
You have documentacion with all Contents to reskin this game.


  • AdMob Banner + Interstitial
  • Compatible with all android version
  • Include 2D HD Pictures
  • Easy to reskin


  • Santa Claus unity 2D complete source code
  • All file and texture
  • Documentation File HTML and Video for Reskin


  • Import Project into Unity 5
  • Change the package name and The app Name
  • Replace the icon of the game
  • Replace the admob ID with yours
  • Export Project to apk file and upload the APK file to Play Store

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