Search DWI Records and Other Criminal Arrest Records

Search DWI Records and Other Criminal Arrest Records

It’s a fact these days, you can search for just about everything online. It’s getting easier and easier to find records that were, until recently, only obtainable to police and private investigators.

It’s almost scary what kind of information you can find on the Internet these days. I just plugged my name into one of those sites where you can do a criminal records check and already found old financial records and a record of a breathalyser test that I had passed years ago.

I also used it to look up a few of my friends, I had no idea they had DWI arrest records, I already saw that one of my neighbors was recently bankrupt! There is a huge industry now of these online sets that act as a stripped-down criminal background check. At first, I couldn’t imagine that these kind of sites existed, but it’s all public records, so there isn’t anything illegal about it.

I was doing so much searching on these sites that I just signed up for unlimited access. Now I search everyone I meet, it’s quite a trip to know so much about people without them knowing. I’m typically a trusting person, but having this amount of information at my fingertips is just too enticing not to use.

I check on everyone before I lend them money or my car. I really like having easy access to piece of mind online. I suggest looking into public record searches online to all my friends. I’m sure it’s saved me plenty of money and time that I would have wasted otherwise.

Check it out, go online and find a criminal records search — you’ll be amazed at the amount of information out there.

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