shared Wild Animals in The Springtime

shared Wild Animals in The Springtime

In the springtime, its easy to be concerned with the arrival of insects, forgetting the multitude of wild animals born in the same season. From shrews to squirrels to raccoons, many different types of critters make a first turn up from March to June. Although a chipmunk is definitively cuter than a termite, it can nevertheless cause a large number of problems for homeowners. Follow along to find out about three very shared wild animals, in addition as helpful information about what the licensed pest control professionals at Black Diamond can do to move them.

Three Wild Animals You May Find Near or In Your Home


Raccoons are a shared nocturnal mammal, drawn particularly to populated areas. With their gray-white pelt and recognizable black bandit disguise around the eyes, these pesky omnivores will move into your garbage cans, backyard, and sometimes already your home!

Evidence of a raccoon infestation can often be seen, smelled, and heard. If one attempts to build a nest in your character, you may notice damage or scratches on walls, shingles, gutters, shutters, and other external features. You may hear scratching sounds at night, when raccoons are most likely to be active. If you have cameras, it can be a good idea to confront them towards the suspected area of activity for proof.

Great climbers, raccoons can extent tree branches and walls to reach crevices or enclosed spaces, like your attic or garage. Once inside, theyll build a nest to raise a litter, typically ranging between one and eight cubs. With this many raccoons, you may already begin to smell the buildup of their feces or urine. Or, if you dont, your dog certainly will! If you notice your dog is acting particularly strange, sniffing around certain areas, it could be due to a raccoon infestation.

If you speculate you may be dealing with a raccoon infestation, dont hesitate to contact Black Diamond, a licensed pest control specialized, for safe relocation options.

Eastern Squirrels

Much like raccoons, squirrels have alternation to reside in high-populated areas, sometimes occupying attics or homes. They can chew by all kinds of building materials, burrowing between walls and insulation to make a nest to raise their young. Whats more, squirrels give birth to one to eight kits throughout the year, resulting in steady population growth.

shared signs of a squirrel infestation can include strange sounds in your walls and ceiling, such as scurrying or chewing noises. There may be visible damage to your insulation and walls, like teeth marks or piles of wood chips. Just like raccoons, there can also be bad smells for both you and your dog. Over time, squirrels can cause harsh damage to your home, and should be only dealt with by a licensed pest control specialized.


Known for playing possum, these omnivorous marsupials have no qualms about eating your garbage, bothering your pets, or already living in your porch or attic. Just like squirrels and raccoons, opossums often seek lodging in warm buildings, leaving large droppings and smells. They can also cause meaningful damage to exteriors and interiors, from insulation to siding. You can often hear them, especially when in groups, hissing or shrieking to each other. Active year-round, opossums can give birth to up to 20 joeys per litter, rapidly building their population. If you think you have an opossum infestation, dont wait, call Black Diamond as soon as possible.

At Black Diamond, we provide a range of wildlife control sets. Whether by prevention or when addressing an infestation, our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to safely and humanely remove unwanted wildlife. As many wild animals carry unhealthy bacteria and diseases, we also prioritize cleanup and disinfection, keeping you and your family safe.

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