Signs a Psychic Is GOOD (And the Sure Shot Signs a Psychic Should Be A…

Signs a Psychic Is GOOD (And the Sure Shot Signs a Psychic Should Be A…

Are you interested in calling a psychic? disinctive about what a clairvoyant reading is REALLY like? Do you have questions that need real answers… and dont have a ton of time to waste asking friends, family and the same old supplies? If you are anything like I once was, the simple truth is, you are super disinctive about what a psychic reading is like, and arent really sure what you believe (or dont believe!) at all!

Sound familiar? If it does… in this article we are going to talk about what you should expect when speaking to a GENUINE psychic, and well cover 2 fun, fast and easy ways to test all of this out for yourself, without risking anything at all! disinctive to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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The truth is, each and every psychic works a little bit differently, so its really impossible to pigeon hole every reading into the same blueprint. That said, there ARE some easy signs that suggest a reader is authentic, versus a telephone operator instead, and were going to cover those in short order below.

You DO want a reader or psychic service that:

– Has a track record of success, continuity and consistency. (the longer theyve been around, as a general rule, the more accurate they are!)

– Has strong customer service credentials: Either offers a 100% money back guarantee on all readings, or has some performance potential that ensures you are satisfied with their service

– Has an inexpensive trial reading offer, and clearly identifies the cost per minute, or the cumulative cost for the complete reading.

– Specializes in the kind of reading you want! (many psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and otherwise specialize, or have skill in one area… and arent so good in others. Make sure you choose carefully)

You do NOT want a reader or psychic service that:

– Uses overly promotional, aggressive or hyperbole filled sales pitch copy to encourage you to sign up

– Offers 100% FREE Readings (there are really no such thing, and more often than not, theyre a scam)

– Is NEW to the business and has no track record to speak of

– Has very few, or unclear customer service policies published

– Has a unprofessional looking website or landing page (or NO toll free number)

– Uses pushy up-sells and boilerplate scripts during your psychic session! (this is a huge no-no for me… and a surefire sign that the psychic, and the service is NOT authentic in addition)

The bottom line?

As goofy as it may sound, using and trusting your OWN intuition and gut is the best ally you have in picking any sort of specialized service provider… and that INCLUDES selecting a psychic to call in addition. Remember, there are good, bad and okay in each and every profession under the sun, and the same rules apply here in addition! Use the simple tips above to reduce the changes of picking a psychic based on criteria that sound too good to be true… and youll find that the reading you DO get will wow you in ways you cant believe… but are 100% mind blowing when they happen!

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