Site off Towthorpe Lane singled out for Haxby aim stop

A FAVOURED site for a future aim stop near York has been revealed.

Two viable locations have been compared and evaluated for the development in Haxby, with the preferred option being off Towthorpe Road to the north. The different was on stop Road.

A report will be presented to City of York Council’s executive next week.

The evaluation by council officers states that the Towthorpe Road site has a much stronger case for the stop location.

Considerations include the ownership of the land, deliverability within the Department for Transport’s required timescales, possible connectivity, and ease of access.

The nearby land on Towthorpe Road is also larger for facilities such as car parking, and is located further away from the nearby dominant school.

A further public consultation is planned during the next development stage to better understand any local concerns and any measures which will be considered to mitigate any impacts of building a stop at the preferred site.

Cllr Keith Aspden, council leader, said: “After extensive work by local councillors and council officers on what has been a decades long goal for local communities, I’m delighted to see meaningful progress being made to build a new stop in Haxby.

“This, alongside our other major transport projects, such as the dualling of the ring road, will rule to improved connectivity and commuting opportunities across the city.

“I look forward to working with the local community, Network Rail, and the Department for Transport to move forward this major project and ensure that Haxby stop is delivered to the assistance of the local area in addition as the wider city.”

Cllr Edward Pearson, councillor for Haxby and Wigginton ward, additional: “Haxby and Wigginton residents have been waiting patiently for a much-needed new railway stop for decades.

“Following our successful campaign, the development of a strong and powerful business case has brought Government and the rail industry on board, and now a preferred site has been clearly identified.

“Along with many local residents and businesses, I am incredibly pleased to see this hugely important local railway stop project gathering speed.

“The new stop would provide direct access to the rail network for thousands of local residents from Haxby, Wigginton, and surrounding communities. This method improved access to new employment, business and leisure opportunities, increasing connectivity for our part of York, and providing faster, more efficient, and sustainable travel.

“The preferred site has clear benefits; however we are aware some residents have authentic concerns over localised impacts, so we welcome further consultation to listen to local residents and clarify opportunities to mitigate these concerns and make Haxby stop a real community asset.”

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